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Naming Cocktails After Your Pet Is The Cute New Wedding Trend We Fully Support

There's a lot of planning that goes into the perfect wedding. You have to think of so many little details, including a full bar menu.

Many couples decide to feature signature cocktails that highlight the bride and groom, but a new bar trend pays tribute to our fur babies.

Let's take a look at these signature wedding cocktails named after people's pets.

If you are a pet owner and currently planning a wedding, you might want to steal this idea for your big day.


Every pet owner wants to find a cute and clever way to include their fur babies on their wedding day, right?

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Well, it turns out that brides and grooms are naming signature cocktails after their pets.

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A number of artists on Etsy can help your bring these cocktails to life by designing a bar sign with a custom portrait of your pet.

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These signs add a lovely, personal touch to any wedding.

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This way, even if your pet can't actually be at your ceremony, your guests will know how important they are to you.

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It's not just for dog owners.

Etsy | JulietArtRoom

If you have a cat, a guinea pig, or even a budgie, these artists can help you capture all the cuteness of your pet as you create the bar sign of your dreams

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So, who is ready to name a cocktail after their pet?

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Honestly, this might be the best wedding trend to come around in a while.

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