Pixar Movie Details That Will Change Some Perspectives

Pixar is known for their love of Easter Eggs and attention to detail.

How many of these did you spot while watching?



Colette has a burn mark on the inside of her forearm which is a common injury among chefs acquired from hot oven racks.

For Pixar to have this tiny detail animated in 2007 speaks of incredible attention to detail.


As a kid, Carl has one side of his collar untucked, just as Russell did throughout the movie.

Maybe if Carl realized their similarities earlier he would've been nice to Russell, to begin with.



Look at all those beautiful cliffs and mountains.

They're actually all shaped like old cars.

*Toy Story*


Due to the limitations of animation in 1995, all of Andy's friends have the same face as him.

This is why none of them have their faces on the screen for very long. Once you notice you really can't unsee it.

*Toy Story 2*

If you look closely at Jessie's hat you'll actually notice it resembles another character inside the movie.

It's not Woody. It's Andy!

*Toy Story 3*

In Toy Story 2 Woody had his right arm torn off and then in Toy Story 3, you can see little stitch marks where it was sewn back on.

Who even keeps track of this stuff?!

*A Bug's Life*

Manny the mantis is shown to be married to a butterfly instead of to a female mantis.

If he had, she would have eaten his head, which would have put a bit of a damper on his storyline.

*The Incredibles*


Remember when Buddy (played by Jason Lee) gets in Mr. Incredible's car?

Mr. Incredible calls him Brodie. That was Lee's character's name in Mallrats!


The headstock of Ernesto's guitar that Miguel carries throughout the movie looks like a skull with a gold tooth.

This matches H├ęctor and is a tiny hint that it actually belongs to him.

*Cars 2*


In Cars 2 an ad for 'Car Life Insurance' is shown which answers the question fans had been asking for 5 years since the first movie, namely:

"Do the cars in Cars need life insurance or car insurance?"

*Finding Nemo*


There is a Buzz Lightyear toy in the dentist's office where Nemo got trapped!

*Finding Nemo* Again


The dentist leaves the bathroom without washing his hands.

Then he fixes teeth. Ew.

*Monsters Inc.*


Clownfish turn up three times in Monsters Inc. hinting at the movie Finding Nemo which wouldn't come out until a full two years later but must've been in development at the time.


When Wall-E is shielding EVE from the rain he gets electrocuted and the lightning bolt charges his battery.



All of the dogs in Brave are historically accurate.

They're Scottish deerhounds, which were dogs owned by royal families.