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16+ Times That Nature Proved Exactly How Untamed It Is

mason.zimmer 3 Jul 2019

Sometimes, it can be pretty easy for humans to get cocky. Not only have we figured out how to trick a lot of animals into doing our bidding, but our ancestors had cracked the code for doing that thousands of years ago.

With this in mind, it may be tempting to think that we can make nature do whatever we want. However, the fact that this isn't entirely true becomes very apparent the second we back into a hornet's nest or end up next to a tiger that looks decidedly unhappy to see us.

But sometimes, the parts of nature that we're not expecting to worry about can be the most intense.

1. Just by looking at it, it's a little hard to tell what this polar bear is climbing on.

Reddit | SmartPossum

Apparently, the answer is that it's the skull of a bowhead whale and the bear either found the bounty it offered very satisfying or was disappointed that something else beat it to the feast.

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2. A lot of people may not be too excited to see spiders, but even they might appreciate what this one is doing.

Reddit | SimbaPenn

Although the fly its eating (hopefully) isn't as big as it looks in this photo, there's no doubt that it was very annoying before it became dinner.

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3. This hawk is probably going to end up carrying this prairie dog away, but that's not happening without a fight.

Reddit | Oldmanofthemountian

If you have to go out, it's probably best to go out roaring at the enemy with claws extended, after all.

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4. This bird probably thought it wouldn't run into any problems in the tree, but it thought wrong.

Reddit | Arrendersi

Indeed, much to the delight of that person in the background, a very hungry snake was waiting for it all along.

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5. This poor little frog is in about as unenviable a position as I can think of.

Reddit | Joseph_B24

Everyone talks about being between a rock and a hard place, but even that's probably better than getting caught between a crocodile's teeth and whatever chasm of horror makes letting go not seem like the obvious solution.

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6. This creature is called a goblin shark and one look at it doesn't leave much mystery as to why.

Reddit | AucuneChance

The craziest part about this is that it's only one of the nightmarish sights we'd come across if we suddenly decided that exploring the dark depths of the ocean sounded like a good idea.

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7. This lizard didn't fare very well when it met the inner workings of this air conditioner, but at least somebody's happy now.

Reddit | MrBriefs

Considering how rare it is for animals to have actual cooked meals, this snake must be in for a treat here.

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8. This turtle isn't suffering from a disease, but what it does have isn't doing it any favors.

Reddit | ZwoopMugen

That's because it's covered in barnacles, which are known to slow down their swimming speeds and impair their movements.

However, that doesn't mean it's a good idea to just rip them off, as this will do more harm to the turtle than good.

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9. If you see this in the sky while you're outside, it's definitely time to head for cover.

Reddit | Ninja_Spi-D-er

That's because this is what a tornado looks like as it's forming and this incredibly gutsy photographer could already start to see it touch down to their left by this point.

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10. Although flying fish are certainly a thing, they don't usually fly this high or this wildly.

Reddit | SeeThroughCanoe

This one, for instance, isn't flying at all. Instead, it's been tossed through the air by a dolphin in order to confuse it and make it easier to catch and eat.

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11. Believe it or not, this moth's weird tentacles are actually very attractive to its mates.

Reddit | Heroshrine

As Newsweek reported, Creatonotos gangis here doesn't attract females with their look, but rather the pheromone that the hairs on those tentacles helps to release.

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12. Vultures have such a fearsome reputation that even a dead one can keep unwanted creatures away.

Reddit | dirtyrango

It's for this reason that farmers will sometimes hang a vulture upside down when their herds are birthing.

If any opportunistic little predators get tempted to attack the babies, this sight might make them reconsider.

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13. Despite the name and appearance, the bleeding toe mushroom actually doesn't give us much to worry about.

Reddit | Creativemermaid

It's still not exactly edible, but that's more because of its ridiculously bitter taste than due to any actual poison.

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14. Garter snakes aren't such a big deal for humans, but it's a very different story for this poor little guy.

Reddit | LSDesign

Indeed, this one is firmly attached to this frog's leg, which definitely doesn't make it any easier to escape being on the menu.

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15. I'm sorry to say this, but it seems that the wasps have figure out how to turn our strengths into weaknesses.

Reddit | thetoyelf

If wasps were capable of smug grins, there's no way this one wouldn't be wearing one permanently after conquering this spray bottle.

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16. This photographer waited very patiently for this dragonfly to land, but sadly, they only had time for one shot.

Reddit | sissarowroe

It's a good thing that it was a nice one, because this leopard frog had obviously waited long enough to strike.

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17. This sandbox tree would hurt to run into, but it's actually a lot worse when it has fruit.

Reddit | Rattigan_IV

As the Pacific Standard reported, those fruits will explode and send their seeds flying about 300 feet when they're ripe enough.

If someone swallows one of those seeds, they can expect diarrhea, vomiting, impaired vision, and intestinal cramps. If someone swallows two or more, they can potentially add death to that list.

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18. This look at a starfish's jaws manages to be both beautiful and terrifying all at once.

Reddit | JaybeRF

It's hard not to be impressed by such a dazzling display of colors, but those are a lot more teeth than most people want to see.

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19. This mountain goat wanted to lick this salt so badly that he was willing to go through this nightmare to get it.

Reddit | Negral

Of course, you could argue that it's a matter of perspective. This precarious position would make a lot of us shiver, but it's probably a walk in the park for a sure-footed animal like this.

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20. Although the cordyceps parasite has made this moth look a lot cooler, it comes at a pretty intense price.

Reddit | Shlubkis

That's because the fungus is known to make its host climb as high as possible before killing it because that makes it easier to spread its spores around.

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21. At first, it may seem like a weird spot on the bark of this tree, but the reality is much more horrifying.

Reddit | Freddie83

"Wrap around spider, named for its ability to flatten and wrap its body around tree limbs," wrote Reddit user Freddie83 with this disturbing photo.

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