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11+ Cake Typos That Are Hilariously Unfortunate

Cake making is beautiful art. Anyone who can create a masterpiece out of pastry is my hero because I have to admit I'm not that great at it.

But sometimes, even cake makers make mistakes, especially when it comes to spelling. And when that happens, the recipients of their unfortunate creation may not always be laughing.

1. Happy Birthday, Mike

I guess not everyone has heard of the name Mike, eh? Because in this case, it seems to be so hard to spell. LOL!

2. Super Bowl

Reddit | InfinityCircuit

OMG, unless you actually want to celebrate that super bowel, I think this cake was supposed to say "Super Bowl" instead. Major fail here!

3. Last Day Of School

When the teacher brings ice cream cake to end of year party: "I swear I told the Dairy Queen girl ‘Last DAY of school’."

4. Happy Birthday Donna

Reddit | Ragnar603

Never order a cake over the phone because apparently something always gets lost in translation. Somebody definitely failed spelling in school. Ha, ha, ha!

5. Good Luck Finding Better Coworkers

Reddit | Patatras24

Come again? Not only the message on this cake is mildly curious but they couldn't even spell coworkers correctly. This one takes the cake.

6. Congratulations, You Did It!

Imgur | crossedx

I guess when you get your cake from Walmart, the phrase "Congratulations You Did It" turns in to this fiasco. Who is their supplier? I wanna know.

7. We'll Miss You

Reddit | murdahxx

So sweet when you get surprised by your school kids with a goodbye cake only to discover the decorator needs to go back to school.

8. Merry Christmas Camp Bow Wow!

Reddit | forgetsusername76

I guess whoever decorated this festive cake doesn't really celebrate Christmas because they clearly don't know how to spell it. Oh well!

9. Congratulations

Reddit | owobowos

I have to admit I'm a bit confused by this cake's message. Is it supposed to say, "Congratulations Mr. or Mrs. so and so"? Do you get it?

10. It's A Boy

Reddit | turnthepaige_hardy

This cake would've been so cute and virtually perfect if not for the spelling mistake. I hate when they ruin stuff like this. Right?

11. Congrats On Your First Sale!

Reddit | rvarosebud

Oh, wow. Whoever made this cake literally made quite a mess out of it. I can't even read what it says. Nice going.

12. You're Dead To Us

Reddit | pantysailor

Oh dang it, they ruined such a funny cake. It was supposed to say, "You're Dead To Us", for a going away party.

13. Happy Birthday?

Reddit | deliciouscompliance

Just like the customer asked for, boss! Wow, really? I can't believe they actually thought this was supposed to be the whole message. LOL!

14. I Love "Game Of Throns"!

Reddit | Wrathcharger

If you're going to design a cake after one of the most popular shows around, you should definitely check to make sure that the name of the show is spelled correctly!

15. This Sad "Harry Potter" Cake

Reddit | genericusername5250

"GUYS. I ordered a cake for a party. All the party goers like Harry Potter so I decided to order a cake with a quote on it. I put "Don't let the muggles get you down (please put a lightning bolt here)". I just picked up the cake. Omg. This is hysterical," said the Reddit user who shared this photo.

I had no idea cake decorating was such a hard job.

Ha, ha, ha! I mean all you gotta do is listen, write things down and double-check it, right?