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Pregnant Mom Kick-Starts Labor By Driving Over Potholes

Unless you've been pregnant yourself, it's difficult to understand what expecting moms go through.

For nine months, they deal with aches, pains, and usually some form of morning sickness.

It makes sense that a lot of pregnant women are ready to get labor going by the time their due date rolls around.

Pregnancy is supposed to be one of the most beautiful times in a woman's life.

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It's definitely very exciting to count down the days until you get to meet your new arrival. There's a lot of anticipation and preparation during those nine months.

But... at some point, expecting moms just want that baby out.

The pregnancy glow kind of wears off when you can no longer sleep in a comfortable position and struggle to put your socks on in the morning.

The desire to give birth only gets stronger if you go past your due date.

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Women will resort to natural remedies to kick-start labor like eating spicy foods, going for long walks, and eating dates.

One woman had another remedy — potholes.

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Stephanie Flittner, a mom from Indianapolis, was a week overdue with her first baby. With her second child, she didn't want to repeat her experience of an extended pregnancy.

Stephanie realized that her contractions felt stronger when her husband drove over potholes.

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They asked Facebook and Reddit for help to find the worst ones in their city.

Then, the couple drove around in their off-road Jeep Cherokee for about six or seven hours.

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“The bigger the pothole, it seemed like the bigger the contractions I was having,” Stephanie said. “I didn’t know if they were doing anything.”

For Stephanie, it looks like this unique strategy worked.

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Stephanie and her husband welcomed their daughter the day after their pothole tour. Meet Margot Lynne Catherine Flittner!

While there is no scientific evidence behind driving over potholes to induce labor, driving over bumps could help push the baby's head down and start contractions.

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Even though the science doesn't back her up, it looks like Stephanie is glad her bumpy ride helped her labor and delivery go smoothly.