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'90s Relic JNCO Jeans Are Back With Fury And How About Nah

Let me tell you a little story. Back in the late '90s, a fashion statement of all fashion statements made its debut — ultra wide leg low-rise jeans. Yes, it happened, and it was beloved by rave kids all over the country. Of course, like any wild fashion trend, it died.

But in 2015, for whatever Godforsaken reason, a Chinese investor bought a license to it, only for the license to be terminated in 2018.

It sure has been a roller coaster ride for the company, to say the absolute least. Now, in 2019, they are back with nostalgic vengeance to outshine all the other '00s trend revivals because F A S H U N.

You unfortunately read that right — JNCO jeans have made comeback number two.

The company originally announced its revival in a Twitter post mid-May, but I'm not sure many people noticed or cared.


We received an update in June that they would be launching soon, and then we received further confirmation of a drop on June 28 at 11pm.

Reddit | Syrocybin

And they sure dropped alright.

If you're actually for real not lying not even joking a little bit interested in owning a pair, it will set you back a whopping $130-$250.


But this description may entice you: "Extra elongated pockets increase in width toward the bottom corners."


As of right now, they launched 8 different variations of the jeans, as well as sweaters if you're not brave enough to sport the ultra wide-legged pants.


Don't you wish you never got rid of yours?

What do you think? Is this the comeback we didn't know we needed? Let us know!

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