'13 Reasons Why' Season 3 Confirmed To Return In October 2019

Okay, so it may not be an actual release date but at least we have some news on the matter!

13 Reasons Why is coming back to Netflix for season 3! Are you excited or what?

'13 Reasons Why' returns for season 3.


If you thought it wouldn't make it, you were wrong.

The hit Netflix show returns this October.

Despite the constant negativity, '13 Reasons Why' will be returning.


Why the negativity? It's way too graphic when it comes to some scenes.

I personally, can't watch it.



The show has been criticized for its heavy use of graphic imagery.

They explicitly show rape scenes and suicide scenes.

There was even a study about it.


And the study showed that suicide rates in young girls went up since the show's release.

But many people think it's great.


It definitely makes people talk about very sensitive subjects, which is a good thing!

Fans are very curious to see what will happen this season.


How do you even top what came before it?

Many of us didn't think they'd even make it pass season one.

The show does do some good...


Despite the fact that they're too graphic, they have definitely raised awareness regarding mental illness.

And the actors all make sure to speak out about it.


That's very important as well, otherwise, people might think the actors are ignorant.

Will you be tuning in?

Let us know in the comments if you'll be bingeing it when it comes out!