30 More Weird Things We Spotted In The Backgrounds Of Movies

I think everybody who has ever lived has at least ONE strange habit. Me? I like to people-watch. Sure, it's incredibly creepy, but please don't get it confused with stalking. All I'm saying is that when I'm out in a public space somewhere, I tend to catch myself watching people from afar.

By the way — I'm single, ladies.

1. Jurassic Park

Screen Rant | Screen Rant

Most people were so impressed by the animatronic T-rex that they probably didn't even notice the scene where the cameraman aims a little too high, ultimately revealing a studio sprinkler that was being used for rain. Oops!

2. Despicable Me

Screen Rant | Screen Rant

All of the Minions were clearly the breakout characters of this adorable, animated family film. However, did you happen to notice the passionate kiss one of them plants on another when they're celebrating their evil achievements? Come on, that's pretty cute.

3. Elf is a must-watch every holiday season.

Museyon | Inertia Pictures

In one of the scenes before the snowball fight, a crew member can clearly be seen trying to duck out of frame while Michael rushes down the sidewalk.

4. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Cracked | Cracked

Not sure if anyone else noticed how easily that knife bent. It was obviously just because Arnold Schwarzenegger has pecs of steel and his body repels even the strongest, most durable of metals. Right? Right??

5. Toy Story 2 wasn't my favorite in the bunch, but still commendable.

Baklol | Seventeen

That's an odd calendar you've got, Morticia...

6. Year One

Screen Rant | Screen Rant

This Jack Black/Michael Cera comedy saw the comedians taking things back to pre-modern times. The movie wasn't necessarily a fan favorite, but it did have an interesting scene where some guy in the background was getting pretty close with a goat. Yep, you're seeing that right.

7. King Kong

Cracked | Cracked

The extras in this scene were so scared of King Kong that they didn't even care about the fact that their wigs were flying off. I'd leave my wig behind, too.

8. Beauty And The Beast is to this day, my favorite Disney movie.

iLyke | iLyke

I loved this movie growing up, but I didn't notice the fact that Belle could make things disappear until I was much older.

9. Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Alchetron | Alchetron

During that famous gun-versus-sword fight scene, most viewers of the film fail to notice the incredibly lazy butcher in the background. Next time you watch the film, take a look. He's wielding that knife gently so as not to distract the audience members.

Seeing as Harrison is a total dreamboat, I can understand how this little tidbit went unnoticed for so long. 

Giphy | Giphy

I mean, look at the guy! His hair blowing in the wind is straight-up iconic.

10. Mr. Nanny

Screen Rant | Screen Rant

Not many people have seen this cult classic, but for those who have, here's a borderline crazy background event. As the film is quickly coming to an end and Hulk Hogan rides away on his bike, you can't help but notice what looks like a man throwing his dog into the lake...

11. The Wizard Of Oz

Cracked | Cracked

Hmm...those don't look like ruby red slippers. But can you really blame Dorothy? Those shoes always looked incredibly uncomfortable to me. Imagine wearing them for the entire film.

12. Star Wars

Taringa | Taringa

There are a few things that you might have missed in this iconic Star Wars scene.

1) Mark Hamill clearly missed his stunt kick.

2) Boba Fett flying to his doom in the background.

Oh Boba...

Giphy | Giphy

It happens, don't worry about it, man! Side note: I like to think that Star Wars was pretty ahead of its time considering how most people never noticed these mistakes.

11. Spider-Man

Unreality Mag | Unreality Mag

Everybody knows the scene where Spidey hangs upside down and kisses Mary Jane in the rain. But only a few have noticed that the windows that Spider-Man threw the bad guys through somehow managed to fix themselves...

12. Titanic again...

Unreality Mag | Unreality Mag

What the... how did he get that life jacket? This is such a minor detail. I would've never picked up on this in a million years. I'm always way too stressed about Rose and Jack!

13. Ocean's Eleven

Unreality Mag | Unreality Mag

I feel like this one had to be done on purpose. In a matter of seconds, Brad Pitt goes from holding a wine glass to holding a plate of food, then back to the wine glass.

Have you noticed how much he eats in this movie? It's a lot. 

Giphy | Giphy

Maybe this is why I have so much respect for him as a man and as an actor.

14. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Looper | Looper

The rando cowboy in the white t-shirt and cowboy hat. I mean, what?! Does he know he's on a pirate ship? This is a serious clash of historical eras.

15. You Only Live Once

Looper | Looper

Viewers of the movie may have missed this white furball's freak-out. At the end of the movie, there is an explosion and this cat LOSES it. The actor keeps him tightly pinned to his chest to keep the scene going, but if you pause it in that brief moment, you can see his face of terror.

16. Braveheart

Factinate | Factinate

The man with the baseball hat. Did no one tell him that he was a bit too ahead of the times for this scene? I mean, baseball hats weren't even CLOSE to being invented.

Look at how angry it makes Mel.

Giphy | Giphy

Don't worry, Mel, I would be angry too. I'd probably also paint my face and grow this rad hairstyle in order to express my anger.

17. Shaun of the Dead

Pref | Pref

Chris Martin from Coldplay got zombified! No, not Chris! Who will provide us with super timeless, deep music now? But yeah, bottom line is that none of us noticed this.

18. The Emperor's New Groove 

Disney Wiki | Disney Wiki

The cactus that looks like a llama. This one makes a lot of sense. And as we all know, anything goes in animated films. I want to own a cactus like that.

The best part is that it didn't start as a llama.

Tumblr | disneymoviesandfacts

Ooooo. Bet you didn't notice that part either! And if you did, then maybe you should consider working for Disney and assisting them in creating more magical cacti.

19. Have you ever seen a man cry from his eyebrows? Well you can in the land of Oz. 

Moviefone | Moviefone

I'm paying close attention to this the next time I watch The Wizard of Oz.

20. Who didn't love Jumanji as a kid?

iLyke | iLyke

Did you ever notice when the car's license plate changes in between scenes? I'm sure I've seen this movie at least a dozen times and I can't believe I didn't spot it earlier.

21. Titanic

Taringa | Taringa

Remember when Rose frees Jack from those handcuffs? She swings that ax like a boss, but look closer...

How the heck is his hand still attached to his arm?! Leo must be one tough dude.

22. The Princess Diaries has a few "oops" moments.

Moviefone | Moviefone

I laughed harder than anyone when Mia accidentally hit Josh in the groin with a softball. But what happens when you watch it in slow motion? That's not his groin...

23. Who else can't wait for the live action remake of Aladdin?

Movie Mistakes | Movie Mistakes

Jasmine is definitely one of the more fashionable Disney Princesses, but did you notice that she has a golden arm band that switches arms on its own?

24. Cheaper By The Dozen is such a classic.

Movie Mistakes | Movie Mistakes

This particular shot features a phonebook where all the pages are reversed as if you were looking in a mirror. That can't be on purpose can it?

25. Elf is a must-watch every holiday season.

Museyon | Inertia Pictures

In one of the scenes before the snowball fight, a crew member can clearly be seen trying to duck out of frame while Michael rushes down the sidewalk.

He almost ruined the snowball fight!

26. Toy Story 2 wasn't my favorite in the bunch, but still commendable.

Baklol | Baklol

Did you notice that Hamm and Rex turn the TV off with a remote, but when we get a good look at the now powerless TV, we can't see their reflection anywhere!

27. In Spider-Man, when Peter's first getting the bearings of his abilities, he slings a lamp across the room - breaking it.

London Beep | London Beep

But, in the next scene, we can see that familiar lamp back to its original glory. Explain that, Marvel!

28. Captain America: The First Avenger has it's fair share of errors. 

Afterfeed | Afterfeed

For example, these coordinates are all wrong. You would've thought somebody would've caught this before it was too late. Guess not...

SHARE if you already noticed more than three of these. 

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And don't even think about lying! Because you'll only be lying to yourself. Yes, we take movies very seriously around here.