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10+ Times Zendaya Shut The Haters Down

Queen Zendaya, long may she reign.

Some people have had the misfortune to try and come for Zendaya. Thankfully, not only is she equipped to handle them, she has a full badass license to destroy them.

Let us bask in her glory.

Zendaya does not care if you hate her hair.

People came for her in 2015 when a wig she wore to the BET Awards wasn't to their taste.

Luckily, Zendaya not only didn't care about those opinions but took the time to call people out for being so obsessed with her.

She was not done with that bob moment.

The fervor around her bob at the BET awards in 2015 obviously cracked her up, because she made another post on Instagram about it.

She's absolutely right, and she should say it.

Do not come for her parents.

I feel like it doesn't need saying that insulting someone is disgusting, but to then insult their parents?

Some people have no class.

Zendaya stepped in and defended her parents, but I wish we lived in a world where she wouldn't have to.

That time she just wrecked Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan decided to come at Zendaya over her Cinderella-inspired Met Gala dress, saying Claire Danes did it first.

Zendaya's response?

"I didn't feel hurt by it and it didn't make me sad because I have no idea what that person is going through."

"That person." Oh my god...

Zendaya does not tolerate homophobia in her house.

Alfi really tried it.

Unfortunately, that insult fell flat, because Zendaya's right — there are tons of gay, male makeup artists who slay the game every single day.

I'm starting to conclude that it is impossible to insult Zendaya, and for that I am glad.

Photoshopping has no place in her life.

In a stunningly honest move, Zendaya called out a magazine she posed for that had photoshopped her body.

This kind of post encourages honesty from companies, and shows how unrealistic most magazines make women out to be.

Seriously, why do people think her body is public property?

We stan a body-positive queen!

Zendaya had some thoughts on the unsolicited comments people make about her body.

Given the fact that she was only 18 at the time of this tweet, it's easy to guess that she'd been dealing with those comments for a while.

She's untouchable.

This is also my response to being insulted: just agree.

No one knows what to do with that. That's why it's genius, and why Zendaya is lowkey my hero. It's chill, though.

Leave her alone.

In a now-deleted tweet, a Twitter user made a tweet suggesting that you take your date running on the first date to see what she really looks like under her makeup.

Zendaya really said all that needed saying here.

How does she even handle this?

If people weren't calling her too skinny, they were calling her too fat.

Like, which is it? What standard is she going to be held to today, and then judged for when she doesn't reach that impossibility?

Remember when she straight-up ended Guiliana Rancic?

Guiliana Rancic took one look at the dreadlocks Zendaya chose to wear on a red carpet, and declared that she looked like she smelled like "patchouli oil" and "weed."


Zendaya responded, and Guiliana stepped down from her job at E! shortly afterward.

Seriously, stop commenting on her body.

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It's so weird that we as a society made it normal to judge other people by how "thin" or "thick" they look, despite knowing nothing about their health.

That's my way of saying: it would be neat if people kept their opinions to themselves. Talking to you, Julie.

She kept her cool for this one.

Which is way more than this guy deserved.

At a screening for her show, Euphoria, someone asked her during a Q&A if she'd ever done drugs. He then asked her out.

She decided to invite the entire audience to their date. "We all going," she said.

She put a woman on blast after she was racially profiled.

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While trying to purchase a gift card with a hefty price tag, a saleswoman not only refused to help, but actually threw Zendaya's wallet away.

"'You can't afford this,' is how she looked at me."

Zendaya put her on blast on Snapchat.

Some people just have wrong opinions.

Twitter | @Zendaya

Mike here is entitled to his opinion, even if it's really bad.

Zendaya had the time that day. She replied with a fire picture of herself that not even Mike could resist — he proceeded to try and hit on her afterward.

Thankfully, it didn't work.

She IS MJ.

After a fan said that she wasn't "my MJ" in response to her being cast as MJ in Marvel's re-reboot of Spider-Man, Zendaya gave a simple response:

Too late.

That's all there is to it.

Seriously, a makeup-free face is NORMAL.

Our natural state does not include foundation and eyeliner. Makeup is an illusion, and one many of us use because we like it.

But that doesn't mean we don't slay without makeup, Jae. Especially when you're Zendaya. Duh.

Zendaya vs her fans

Some of the best Zendaya content comes out of her relationship with her fans.

It goes like this: because they love her, they roast the living daylights out of her.

The best part is that she encourages it.

Subtweeting? She's heard of it.

I am dying to know who this is about.

This is 100% how I feel about people who attack Zendaya. I just want to tell them to shut up before they even pop off.

Zendaya vs her fans, feet edition.

Twitter | @Zendaya

Yeah, you read that right.

Posting a pool selfie opened her up for some intense mockery, which she took pretty well. That doesn't mean she wasn't going to come at them a little, though.

One time, Tom Holland was her hater.

Twitter | @Zendaya

When one of your friends and co-stars decides to troll you by tagging you on Instagram as his crotch, it only makes sense that your fans would notice.

Big mistake, Spiderman.

I would like to see this tweet crocheted, tbh.

Call out that internalized misogyny, queen.

Thankfully, we live in a world where feminism is shouted from the rooftops.

However, that doesn't mean everyone has gotten that memo, so Zendaya made it clear: lift each other up, don't rip each other down.