7+ Justin Bieber Scandals He Probably Wants The Internet To Forget

  Justin Bieber posing on the chair.
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Ever since Justin Bieber got married and settled down, he's said goodbye to his bad boy days.

This includes a past of things like peeing in a bucket, wishing Anne Frank was a "belieber," and so much more "ugh" moments.

Even so, there's one thing Justin should know about the internet: it never forgets. Justin Bieber being the best selling musicians in the world today, a singer with a huge career has also grabbed his fans attention because of his controversial timeline too.

Enter, this list of the 7+ scandals Justin definitely wishes that he himself could forget.

1. When he enraged fans by hoping Anne Frank "would have been a belieber."

Justin Bieber drinking coffee pose.
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There are just certain things that you do not do and Justin Bieber hoping that Anne Frank would have been a devoted fan is definitely one of them.

If you didn't know, Anne Frank was a teenager who died in the Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust.

When Bieber visited the Anne Frank house, he signed the guestbook with this controversial message:


"Truly inspiring to be able to come here," he wrote.

"Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber."

Cue the facepalms heard all over the world.

Judging by some of the reactions, people were *not* happy.

Justin Bieber clicking selfie in white shirt.
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"Way to turn an inspiring moment into something about yourself," and "lets hope she would have never been a belieber," fans wrote.


2. When the singer made headlines for peeing in a bucket ... yes, really.

Justin Bieber peeing pose.
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Around the time there were a bunch of scandals involving the star in 2013, there was also this footage released of him "relieving" himself.

Thing is, it wasn't in the toilet or the bushes; it was in a bucket near an NYC restaurant's food preparation area.

He made the whole thing worse by defending his actions.


Honestly, I think the p—ing in the bucket wasn’t as big as people made it seem," he told Complex magazine.

"It wasn’t like I was being disrespectful. I feel like that was pretty ostracizing – bigger than it should’ve been."

3. When he wore overalls while meeting the Canadian Prime Minister.

From Oh, Canada to oh, no, baby what is u doin'? Justin Bieber managed to screw up, once again.

This time, while meeting the former Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper.

Dressed in overalls, a backwards cap, and bulky silver chains, it was a mess.

Justin Bieber with Kanye West.
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Harper had bestowed the Biebs with a Diamond Jubilee Medal, but all people could focus on was what he was wearing.

He later fired back at haters: "The pic of me and the Prime Minister was taken in a room in the arena where i was performing at that day."

"If you . . .expect me to have a change of clothes let a loan [sic] a suit at that specific time that's crazy," he continued.

Justin Bieber smiling selfie.
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"Wow am i ever white trash," he added in reference to Gawker dubbing the singer the "White Trash Prince."

4. When Bieber pissed off the world with his deposition video.

Justin Bieber posing on the chair.
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"I don’t have to listen to anything you say,” Bieber infamously said during the long deposition video that was released online.

Justin was part of the deposition because a paparazzo was claiming that one of Justin's bodyguards had attacked him.

Justin didn't take the process seriously while speaking to the lawyer representing the pararazzo.

Justin Bieber smiling in chair.
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In the vid, he can be seen winking, shrugging, and smirking.

Real mature, Justin.

5. When Justin did what no one should ever do: post a fake pregnancy for April Fools.

Justin Bieber posing under orange sky with his wife Hailey Baldwin
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April Fools should be a time of lighthearted fun ⁠— not a time of making pranks that ostracise those who struggle with fertility issues.

So, naturally, the world did not react kindly to Bieber using the prank-filled holiday to fake a pregnancy.

It all began with this post.

Fake baby ultrasound pic shared by Justin Bieber.
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In it, he alluded to him and now-wife, Hailey Baldwin, expecting a child.

In addition to the ultrasound, he really committed to the prank by posting images of Hailey in a doctor's office with her exposed belly.

People were so confused ⁠— and then enraged ⁠— when he said it was a prank.

Tweet to Justin Bieber by The Ellen Show on the fake pregnancy pic.
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Even Ellen DeGeneres wasn't pleased.

You KNOW you did something wrong when you pissed off Ellen!

Tons of backlash from fans came in as well.

One person said that they were "honestly disgusted."

Let's hope he learned his lesson.

6. When Justin's pet monkey, Mally, was seized by German authorities.

Justin Bieber [posing with his pet monkey.
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2013 was not the year of the Biebz. In addition to everything else, he also had an illegal monkey in his possession.

The zoo where the monkey ended up even said that Mally had some issues communicating with other monkeys after being raised by Justin.

7. He then angered animal lovers off even more by never going to get his monkey back.


After promising to get the proper documentation to retrieve Mally, it never happened ...

That's enough monkey business for you, Justin.

8. Justin's nude pics were leaked from ex, Selena Gomez's Instagram account.

Justin Bieber having romantic time with his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez.
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When Selena Gomez's account was hacked, Bieber's nude photos were leaked ... to her millions of followers.

No big deal.

The photos were from a vacation that Justin took in 2015.

Justin Bieber posing on his bed and revealing his tattoos.
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Selena's account was disabled soon after, but not before people saw everything.

He didn't let that stop him, though.

He carried on by going to grab a smoothie in Beverly Hills with a smile on his face.