Unsplash | Nathan Dumlao

10+ Wedding Ideas Every Lazy Bride Will Love

Planning a wedding can be such a hassle it can actually turn into a part-time job if you're not careful. But if you're short on ideas and a little lazy, to tell the truth, there are plenty of options for wedding decor out there.

Check these out and hopefully, it'll give you some inspiration.

1. Fun Outdoor Flower Decorations


If you're planning an outdoor wedding finding the right decorations can be a challenge but these cute flower vases are simple yet really elegant.

2. Wedding Banner


Forget fancy decorations when you can just make or even buy a festive wedding banner to display at your head table or above the entrance.

3. Flower Buckets


Oh, wow! I've never would have thought of this idea of getting simple buckets and some baby's breath to line the wedding aisle for decor. How pretty!

4. Chair Burlap Bows


Some venues will charge you extra for those fancy chair covers, so why don't you beat them to it and get a rustic-looking bow instead?

5. Cheeky Decor


Or you can also go for a little bit cheekiness when it comes to decorating your head table. This idea is super fun and actually pretty genius.

6. DIY Candles


Centerpiece lighting can set you back a pretty penny, but here you can easily make your own candles that look both pretty and expensive. I'm stealing this.

7. Chalkboard Table Numbers


Make your wedding decor just a little bit more special with very little effort with these handwritten chalkboard table numbers. I'm loving this idea so much.

8. Polaroid Memories


Create instant memories from your wedding day with a Polaroid and a string where everyone can hang up their impromptu pictures to make an adorable collage.

9. Popcorn Time


Have fun with the selection of snacks you provide on your special day with simple things like popcorn, chips or pretzels displayed in cute baskets. Awesome!

10. Wooden Spoon Guestbook


Forget the old-fashioned and boring guestbook idea and instead have guests sign these wooden spoons with cute and inspiring messages. This is really clever.

11. Jenga Pieces


And how wicked is this very easy and cheap idea to have your guests sign a Jenga piece to create a unique and lasting memory?

12. Succulent Wedding Favours


No need to spend a lot of money and thought to come up with a special wedding favor. These succulents are cute and thoughtful.

13. Create Magic


Get fantastic pictures at dusk with everyone holding sparklers while the bride and groom dance or get ready to get away. It's easy to pull off.

14. Citrus Place Card Holders

Sugar & Cloth

Using a lemon or lime as a holder for a place card is a genius and easy idea!These will add some zest to any table setting.

I know it takes a lot of effort to plan a wedding but hopefully, with these simple and easy ideas, your special day will go off without a hitch.

And, you'll save a ton of money for the honeymoon!