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Sharon Osbourne 'Forbids' President Trump's Use of Ozzy's Songs

The Democratic primary debates for the 2020 presidential race started this week, causing quite a stir among both Republicans and Democrats. A tweet shared by President Donald Trump has caused a controversy surrounding the use of music within the clip.

President Trump shared a video poking fun at some technical issues that happened during the debate.

During Wednesday's debate, there were some audio issues that caused a brief interruption. The President's video shows himself walking out onto the stage amidst smoke as Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train" can be heard playing.

Sharon Osbourne was not pleased with the use of her husband's song.

Sharon sent out a Tweet forbidding the President from using any of her husband's music in any political campaign, while also suggesting other songs he could use instead, from musicians who are known Trump supporters.

Ozzy himself backed up his wife's message.

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Ozzy retweeted Sharon's tweet, as well as began promoting his "Make America Metal Again" merchandise, which is a satirical take on Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again."

The Osbournes are not the first to take issue with the President's use of their songs.

As Rolling Stone reports, Queen, R.E.M, Neil Young, Everlast, and Aerosmith have all spoken out about Trump's use of their music without permission.

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