15+ Pics With More Than Meets The Eye

Diply 17 Jul 2018

There are images out there that require more than a mere glance to fully appreciate — and these are just a few of them. Some might make you cringe, while others might make you laugh, and others may yet play tricks on your eyes.

1. Oh hey wow that's a pretty long gummy worm they have there.

Reddit | SSJNoah

However, I'm more horrified than impressed at the dagger nails they've grafted onto their feet. It's like they got a pedicure from Satan's very own personal nail salon.

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2. Some matches are made in heaven, and it's clear that this one was. Good on them for having a sense of humor about it!

Reddit | Foxivondembergen

Confirmed guests are Amanda Huggenkiss, Hugh Jass, and everyone else who has ever been mentioned in a Bart prank call in The Simpsons.

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3. Her fellow pilots often asked Sheila why she insisted on putting a painted trash can in the co-pilot seat.

Reddit | hiitalia

As it turns out, the trashcan is very good at performing complex maneuvers, like a reverse quadruple barrel roll tailslide with a cherry on top.

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4. Something tells me there might be something unsafe about this electrical panel, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Reddit | MaxVLVC

I'm also pretty sure that whoever those footprints belong to probably won't be putting a finger on anything at all for the near future.

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5. Before you check your reflection in a car window, save yourself some embarrassment and make sure the car's empty.

Reddit | thatdiabetickid

10/10 choice on the guy's expression, though. I'd do the same thing is his position.

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6. Either she's a weird kind of centaur, or there's some trickery afoot vis-à-vis the two sets of legs.

Reddit | kraven420

I need to remind myself to buy a mannequin in case I start taking selfies.

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7. That's some awfully weird looking Cap'n Crunch — OH GOD IT'S A TRAVESTY TO ALL THINGS GOOD IN THE WORLD

Reddit | viniciorl

Just the thought of soggy Cheetos and cheese powder milk sets my teeth on edge. I want to burn off my taste buds.

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8. Seems like the National Psychic's Convention is kicking off with flying colors.

Reddit | ranjithchandhini

It got a little hairy after unsuspecting beach goers started using the flying carpets as towels. They decided it was best to rent out a hotel for future conventions.

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9. The dog filter is all the rage with millennials, but does anyone know where to get the ominous humanoid shadow filter?

Reddit | Princess-lexi

In the event that the shadow does not go away after you get rid of the filter, run.

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10. That's almost a very impressive (if not suspiciously non-sandy) bun, until you take a closer look.

Reddit | Xxtastyxx

What would be even more impressive is if his bun turns out to be a person in the background.

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11. Just seems like a normal bus, until you realize it's literally full of potatoes.

Reddit | Eireplayr

Obviously this is in Ireland. Ever since the potato famine, they've been a bit touchy about the subject. They have PLENTY, thanks.

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12. Getting chased by a panther would be pretty terrifying. You know what's even more terrifying? Getting chased by a pit bull that looks like a panther.

Reddit | Boogi29

Do you give it belly rubs or catnip?

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13. Surround yourself with people who will go to any length to get you the perfect Instagram photo, even if the behind-the-scenes perspective doesn't look half as pretty.

Reddit | c_rystal

Or pay people to do the same - either way works.

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14. If she ever challenges you to a staring contest, make sure you're going up against the bottom pair of eyes.

Reddit | goesviralbuzz

"My eyes are up here, guys. No, like, way up here."

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15. Did...did she hit someone with her car and then pose for a selfie? Surely not.

Reddit | regular_john2017

Whether she did or not, I agree with that guy's disapproving look at her for taking a selfie in traffic.

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16. If you look closely, you'll see that there are in fact four people in this pic.

Reddit | sylvaing

People with chronic sun-aversion syndrome (that is to say, pale skin) know what I'm talking about.

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