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9+ Photos That Show The Struggle Of Living With Your Family

Living with someone can be a lot of fun but living with family can also be a challenge. That's especially true if you're like me and you prefer things to be clean and tidy.

No matter how much you clean and try to keep the house organized things always seem to go to the wayside. See if you can relate to these.

1. Straight For The Middle

Reddit | jagershotzz

To a neat freak like me, this is mildly infuriating. Why do people do that? Why not just cut the corner instead?

2. Halloween Mess

Reddit | dwarvencactus

Imagine having to stare at this over and over again and remembering that Halloween was actually over a month ago? Just clean this pumpkin already, please!

3. Just Gave Up

Reddit | themainsandwich

Remember that time you found that box of cereal your wife attempted to open but just gave up and put it away? Yes, that's the one.

4. Freezer Surprise

Reddit | thwacked

What kind of a person leaves this in the freezer for their family member to find? That is just evil if you ask me. No good!

5. Ice Cream Freak

Reddit | upandattem

Look at the way this wife uses a knife to carve out the ice cream so she is sure to get her fair share of chocolate chunks. This is genius... and evil.

6. Vacation Killer

Reddit | IronMew

Imagine coming home from a nice and relaxing vacation only to find this in the fridge? Who left this out there? Fess up. Now! Or else!

7. Toothpaste Monster

Reddit | Jett_FHG

I might be one of those Type-A people who likes to squeeze the end of the toothpaste tube but when I see this I go ballistic.

8. Over Or Under

Reddit | CrusttyBoi

The battle of toilet paper is on. I dunno what annoys me more than when people put the toilet paper under. It's meant to be over!!!

9. We've Got A Problem Here

Reddit | theDaninDanger

I dunno, but if your mate opens everything like this, it might actually be the cause of a divorce. Just saying! Sorry, my bad!

10. You Did It Again

Reddit | Southernsofia123

Speaking of opening things in a weird way, don't you hate it when this happens. I have to admit, I'm guilty of this.

11. It's Sprouting

Reddit | TomTheTurtwig

If things are starting to look like this in your house then I feel very very sorry for you. This poor potato wants out of there.

12. Got Shampoo?

Reddit | grdlock

I can't get over how this guy's wife never finishes a bottle of shampoo or body wash before buying a new kind. Even worse, she leaves the old ones on display!

13. Going Bananas

Reddit | Jaimison_

This is what happens when someone wants to keep things neat and tidy by hanging up the bananas only they forget to actually eat them. Yikes!

Oh, I feel like some of us deserve a medal for sharing our living space with another.

Either that or we need an all expenses paid vacation ASAP. Feel me?