12+ Folks Whose Days Are Lookin' Rough

Diply 17 Jul 2018

Everyone has a bad day once in a while, but I am proud to say I've never had something so hilariously bad happen that I've had it blast across the internet. Is it bad that's now a goal of mine? Never mind, that's not the point.

These peeps are having bad days and nothing makes days better like strangers laughing at their problems.

1. If you know me, you know I love pie

Reddit | Jdubtksnwlcye

If I had the option to eat pie all day, every day, I would. So the fact that this poor person ruined a pie is a tragedy in my books, BUT it would also be painful as heck having those hot (yet delicious) blueberries spill on you.

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2. Sunburns are, without a doubt, the worst part about summer, and yet uneven ones make me cringe the most

Reddit | ThePlixel01

I would bet a large sum of money that spray sunscreen was to blame for this.

It seems easy my friends, but it is never that easy.

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3. Okay, so I've learned that dropping food is, and might always be, the worst thing to ever happen to someone

Reddit | RIPMews

And dropping ice cream happens all too often. It's always in slo-mo and you can feel the happiness leaving your body as gravity takes control.

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4. Getting a flat tire is pretty normal. Like, it still sucks, but it's normal 

Reddit | TheOrangeGrap3

Having your tire look like it was devoured by a monster is just not fun though. A simple patch won't help with ANY of this.

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5. I would argue that while that sucks, she's so oblivious that she'll be okay

Reddit | jayko1201

BUT if you're the one to notice it first, you're stuck with the ethical dilemma of whether or not you should tell her. Now THAT is the worst.

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6. Injuries don't have to be gory to totally ruin your life, because this looks harmless. But they might as well have lost a finger

Reddit | outrageisthenewblack

RIP to anyone who gets a paper cut under their finger. I would not survive.

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7. Tbh, I don't quite understand how this goes down

Reddit | Caltra9

Something about the change of tides, but like...THE TIDE RISES THAT HIGH??? Your truck is now one with the fish. Sorry, my man.

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8. Y U LIE THO?!

Reddit | ElliotFromNorway

What's the point of saying it's not the actual size? Why lie? Why set us up for disappointment? Life can be so cruel.

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9. Who has it worse, this mom or their child?

Reddit | shiverstar

I have never pulled off one of these autocorrecting tricks because I am the least sneaky person ever. But one day, one day I'll do it.

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10. Watching this is like seeing a car accident...you want to look away, but you just can't 

Reddit | theghostofperdition

And you're kidding yourself if you don't think I would be on that ground so fast, eating up every last fallen bit.

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11. I have a feeling this is both the first and last day that this person will be driving a garbage truck

Reddit | Hindu_Wardrobe

Some people have trashy days, but this person's day IS trash.

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12. There's no winning this battle

Reddit | HilaryKay25

You go to pick it up, only to make a larger mess. But you can't just leave it there because it is a mess. I don't have a solution for you.

You are doomed.

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13. I didn't even watch the World Cup and yet I know that England didn't come out a winner

Reddit | DavePoi


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14. This isn't a croissant, it's an empty, flaky horn of broken dreams

Reddit | pls-give-meme

And it would break my heart and ruin my day with its lack of middle.

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15. A broken screen can occassionally be fixed, there's still some hope

Reddit | basshead541

But this...I think we can say that this phone is surely a goner.

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16. Baby rats are cute and all, but do we really want them climbing out of our sinks so casually like they own the place?

Twitter | @finkelbaripie

No, no we do not.

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17. I love me a good sandal tan, but Croc tans take it to an extra level of nope

Reddit | CrushedPixl

And who knows how long this one is going to last?!

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18. Not only is our little, shelled friend going to have a rough day, but the person who did the "rescue" is going to have some regrets

Reddit | Promptitude

And maybe they need a biology lesson or two.

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19. Talk about throwing a wrench in your day, am I right?

Reddit | Willieg55

You can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. But this tire has no moves, apparently.

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20. Man, this is not a sandwich, and I feel for whoever paid money to get this as their lunch

Reddit | Dygyty

It is simply bread with a few things on top.

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21. You know what's worse than being thirsty? Drinking a warm drink

Reddit | Willieg55

I'm serious. It's a real gross thing to have in your mouth. Warm drinks should be illegal.

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22. Whoever has to clean this up is probably going to just have a rough week, calling it now

Reddit | TheShadowDemon247

Let's just hope that the bag doesn't break.

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23. I don't want to be that person, but playgrounds are for children, and that's mostly because children are small

Reddit | Willieg55

...and won't get stuck in situations like this.

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24. Red eyes are a pain, but minty eyes are actually painful

Reddit | noman223

Nothing fresh about them, really, but this is why you always read the label.

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