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15+ Powerful Pics That Have All The Feels

Credit to all the photographers out there who can spark an emotional response with their pictures. It's not easy!

Beyond your eyes getting dusty going through old family photo albums, there aren't a ton of pics of strangers out there that can really evoke emotion.

These pics, however, do the job, and they do it well.

What's so special about a little door in a fence?

Reddit | arkofjoy

The dog next door would whine out of loneliness when its owners went to work, so the neighbor installed a door in the fence to let the poor pooch hang out with a human during the day.

Speaking of separation anxiety, after six months apart, this dog wasn't about to let its human go.

Reddit | roxannator99

And so the pooch sat in her lap for an entire six-hour drive. So pure.

This little girl's first trip to New York was a hit.

Reddit | VinTheButcher

And it looks like she was particularly inspired by Fearless Girl, the statue that stands opposite the Charging Bull in front of the New York Stock Exchange.

This one got me.

Reddit | Ma6icmark

"My dad, who has dementia, trying to remember my name," captioned the uploader. Ouch.

This artist's interpretation of dementia is haunting.

Reddit | Camjilla

And I think she captures what a horrible disease it is, and the way you fade away from yourself.

This is basically a tribute to all the adoptive fathers out there.

Reddit | dabisbadbackwards

"Happy Father’s Day to the man who chose to be my father when he didn’t have to," is a heck of a heartwarming statement.

This just looks like two happy siblings, and then you find out the little girl lost her vision a couple of years ago.

Reddit | LeftHandedToe

"It looks like she's looking over at him smiling," wrote her parent. "It simultaneously melts and hurts my heart when it seems like she's intentionally looking at him."

Sometimes a newborn is more than just a newborn.

Reddit | RicketyCricket0914

For this dad and his wife, the baby came after "five years of trying [and] three lost babies."

This little guy's sibling posted that their little brother, who has an intellectual disability, had nobody come to his birthday party.

Reddit | Gaga474

And so strangers on the internet decided to make his day, sending in gifts. "He was really happy!"

The torch, er, lawnmower, is being passed.

Reddit | A-Crafty_Indian

And even though dad can relax with a frosty beverage now, you have to know his chest is swelling with pride.

These guys just want to share their passion for astronomy with the world.

Reddit | AzerackTheGreat

And so once a month, they set up their telescopes on the streets of Brooklyn so anybody can check out sights like the Moon and Jupiter.

Here's a great idea to reduce waste and feed kids.

Reddit | beaverkc

This school has a share bin where kids can put their unopened, unwanted, uneaten food instead of throwing it out and other kids can take that food if they're hungry.

Really, aren't dogs just magical?

WeRateDogs is one of the best Twitter accounts out there, and their tribute to a retiring Mexican hero dog shows why.

Of course, in their own way, every dog is a hero.

Reddit | Sumit316

Like this one, who misses its owner and remained by their hospital bed even after they passed away.

I feel for both teams here.

Reddit | beaverkc

At an international under-16 basketball tournament, the U.S. team is lined up against the El Salvador team. Neither team could have gotten much from this match up.

Graduation is always an emotional time.


This grad showed her appreciation to her folks, taking her grad pic with them in the fields they worked in to raise her.

And this grad is rightfully proud of her accomplishment.

Reddit | TotallyContagious

"After being home schooled all of my life, not feeling like I would be anything more than a cashier, I am the first of my generation in my big family to graduate from college," she wrote.

This Texas grad's dad couldn't come to her ceremony — she had to meet him at the border.

Reddit | MisterT12

That had to be hard for both of them. But she graduated.

Two images of Berlin, 80 years apart.

Reddit | BakerIsMyDad

You can't ask for a much more stark contrast than that.

The end of childhood is on that wall.

Reddit | rogan2929

The employees at a Toys R Us all spray painted their names back there before their store, and the whole franchise, closed up shop for good.