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10+ Times Kids Renamed Ordinary Things With Hilarious Results

Kids say the darndest things, right? Most of the time, we're embarrassed by what flies out of our children's mouths. Sometimes, they take things way too far to a level that is too much. Other times, they come up with innovative and creative ways to make brand new names for things we never knew needed to be changed.

A new name for pockets.

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Clearly, snack holes are a way better name for coat pockets than just "pockets." How many snacks can we fit in here? All of the snacks.

A tad dramatic, no?

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Crying is normal for every toddler and every adult, too. But, who ever thought of renaming tears "wet drops of sad?" Clearly, a genius, that's who. Brilliant.

This is genius.

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Ice cubes keep our drinks cold and cool, but technically they are just bricks made of water—right? They look like bricks, they keep our drinks together, and they're made from water.

I will never think of braces in the same way again.

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Little kids get braces and toddlers don't usually understand what those things are on their teeth. So, coming up with their own version—braces technically are tiny jails for our teeth.

A way cooler name.

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Escalators can be confusing to kids who have only seen stairs before that don't move. Obviously, they're just robot stairs that move at insanely slow speeds.

Too cute!

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Facial hair is definitely something new for babies and kids, seeing as their skin is as smooth as their bottoms. Therefore, what else looks like facial hair? Grass, obviously.

And just like that, we have a new species.

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Crows are always around during Halloween, so obviously, it's clear that they should be known as Halloween eagles over just regular old crows right?

I would have burst out laughing.

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If there is one thing I hate about sheets, it's how big they are and how annoying it can be to stretch over a bed. So, they kind of do look like huge curtains. Mattress curtains.

Mmm... tasty. Actually, wait, no.

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If there is anything worse than death, it's thinking about lying in a coffin forever. But lying in a skeleton burrito forever? That is something I can live forever with.


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Cactuses are the plants that our parents always warn us about touching, so it's appropriate that this little boy call them "poke trees" because they will definitely poke you.

Actually, this makes sense.

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Knee pits are the new way I am going to describe the back of my legs from here on out for the rest of my life. I don't care how it sounds or how old I am.

This is just too true.

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Prune juice is definitely poop juice for many people. But, wine is always "mama juice" in my eyes, so I can get behind this 150%.

How do they come up with stuff?

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Elevators do go up and down and they are technically a room. So, uppy rooms are what they should be called. Obviously, the better way to say it.

This is the improvement airports needed.

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Airports are the worst and there's nothing fun about them, so calling them the airplane store makes it a bit more humorous between our layovers and delayed flights.

I am on board with this.

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A rhino is just a huge horse with a horn, right? Apparently, a five-year-old thinks that it looks like a "Battle Unicorn," and to be honest, that sounds absolutely perfect to me.

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