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Eva Longoria Proves Moms Are Pros At Multitasking With These Breastfeeding Pics

We all know that working moms are putting in some of the longest hours. As soon as your shift at work is over, you get to start your second job of taking care of your children. Also, did we mention that being a mom also means that you're basically on call 24/7?

Eva Longoria just proved how hard moms work (and that they are pro at multitasking) with new photos.

You probably know actress Eva Longoria from her work on shows like "Desperate Housewives".

Eva is also slated to appear in the upcoming, live-action Dora The Explorer movie, which I, for one, am super pumped about.

In 2018, Eva also welcomed her first child with husband, José Bastón.

The couple became parents to a baby boy named Santiago. Congrats!

Eva's Instagram has been filled with lots of updates about her life as a first-time mom.

When you're a celebrity though, sometimes these updates go beyond the typical milestone photos. Eva is also currently directing a new series for ABC called Grand Hotel.

In a new tweet, Eva shared photos her life as a working mom on the set.

Twitter | @EvaLongoria

In this photo, you can see Santiago napping in a sling while Eva and the crew have a meeting.

There are even photos of Eva breastfeeding Santi while she directs and shoots a scene.

Twitter | @EvaLongoria

Eva proves that moms really are real-life wonder women with this photo. Go, Eva!

In her tweet, Eva thanked the cast and crew for being so accomodating as she took care of Santi.

Twitter | @EvaLongoria

"Women multitask everyday & I was lucky to have an amazing crew & cast that supported my new motherhood + career goals!" she said in her tweet.

Online, people applauded Eva for sharing these photos.

Being a working mom is one of the hardest roles on the planet and Eva brought much-needed attention to how hard these women work.

Others couldn't help but think that Santi was getting an early start on TV Production 101.

Not sure how much of this experience he took in, but he definitely played an important role in these photos.

Thank you for sharing these photos, Eva, and for proving that moms can really do it all!