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'The Office' Is Officially Leaving Netflix And We're Devastated

The Office is one of those shows that everybody loves, right?

Sure, it made "that's what she said" one of the most eye-rolling inducing jokes ever, but we secretly love it, and we honestly can't believe that it's about it leave Netflix.

When it comes to Netflix, we're well aware that all good things must come to an end.

Our favorite shows can't stay on the streaming service forever, can they?

And even though there are a lot of us who have happily binge-watched The Office at least a dozen times, we honestly never thought we'd see the day when Netflix announced its departure.

That day has come, and nobody was prepared.

They announced via Twitter that the show would be leaving for NBC's own streaming platform, but the good news is that we have until January of 2021 to enjoy the show.

Who else is up for a 13th round of binge-watching?

Catch you all on the flippity flip!