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These Tattoo Sleeves Let Your Cat Get Inked Up Without Any Harm Done

mason.zimmer 25 Jun 2019

When people put serious work into their aesthetic, those around them might find this person's look rubbing off on them.

Although some people are demanding enough to make this happen intentionally, people can also be unconsciously influenced by each other's style choices.

Although pets might like the feeling of being groomed, they're also not particularly concerned about how they look. So if you want to have your pet match you, it's not like they'll really have an opinion about that.

Those who enjoy getting a lot of tattoos might think they're left out of this for obvious reasons, but one woman is giving them more options than expected.

Airie McCready of California (not pictured) likely wouldn't have expected to end up simulating tattoos for pets.

Reddit | medschoolfool44

As she told Metro, the idea came to her when a friend showed her a fake tattoo sleeve like the one Playboy Carti is wearing here.

Since McCready has a lot of tattoos, the friend teased her by saying that it would've been much easier to get these sleeves instead.

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She said, "If only I knew how to sew," but she was eventually compelled enough by the idea to make a sleeve herself.

Reddit | SGT-smash

As she said, "It took a long time, but I figured out how to do it, it’s really delicate fabric."

Eventually, this interest blossomed into her own pet garment company called Slinx Concepts and she was able to bring that tattoo sleeve concept to the pet world.

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These "sleeves" are actually tops made to fit a cat's whole body.

Etsy | SimplySphynx

Although the Etsy store McCready uses to sell them is called "Simply Sphynx," they aren't exclusively intended for Sphynx cats.

Her website says that most of her clothes can fit small dogs and while she does have three sphynxes, she also has three Devon Rexes that she decked out in their own sleeves.

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McCready said that all products are either made by her or a contracted seamstress and she oversees all production.

Etsy | SimplySphynx

In addition to the sizing chart shown here, the sleeves are also made to fit the pet's color so it looks as much like they have real tattoos as possible.

They're also made with non-toxic ink on cat-safe materials.

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McCready said one of her designs was featured at the Westminister Kennel Club in a pretty special way.

Etsy | SimplySphynx

As she told Metro, "Two years ago at the Westminster Kennel Club, they had a 'meet the cats' event and even had the cats do an agility course. Misha, a Sphynx, wearing one of my Tattcat shirts won!"

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The sleeves available featuring various styles which tend to have a lot of influence from Chinese and Japanese art.

Etsy | SimplySphynx

Depending on the sizing and style requested, the sleeves can cost anywhere from $20 to $42.

So enjoy and on the off chance that anyone needs to hear this, don't actually tattoo your pets.

h/t: Metro

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