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Khloé Kardashian's Latest Instagram Pic Has A Lot Of People Really Confused

Once again, Khloé Kardashian has some explaining to do about a recent photo that she posted on Instagram — after fans noticed something about it seemed off.

It's definitely no secret that Khloé used to look a lot different.

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Obviously she's always been beautiful, but she was definitely the odd one out when it came to her sisters, considering that Kim and Kourtney are basically twins.

She's never let that bother her, of course.

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"I'm confident in who I am. I've always known that I'm not Kim and I'm not Kourtney. I've always been OK with that" she told Cosmopolitan UK.

But Khloé Kardashian is the FaceTune queen.

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It's not the most ideal throne to be sitting on, but whater.

But she's been getting called out for over-editing her photos for a while now, and doesn't seem to be showing any signs of slowing down.

Can't stop, won't stop amirite ladies????

Let's just take a look at all the times Khloé has botched her photos by editing them.

Comments flooded in after she posted this photo, asking why her eyes were suddenly so far apart.

"Omg what happened to her face!?!?!," one person wrote.

Then there was the infamous finger fail.

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If you squint your eyes and look very closely, you may spot more than 10 fingers in this photo.

Rookie mistake, Koko. Rookie mistake.

The bobble-head incident.

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This one honestly still keeps me up at night.

Those proportions though...

"This picture is just.... weird....," one person commented. "Girl delete this," wrote another.

The double-thumb disaster.

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Tbh, I don't know how she missed this.

It's basically the focal point of this entire photo.

Come on, Koko. Step your game up. Please — for all of us.

This one has to be, by far, the worst.

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First of all, that face doesn't look anything like hers.

Second of all, her real reflection is clear as day right beneath her.

Why didn't anybody stop her from posting this?

Anyway, you get the point. Khloé loves altering her photos. She's just not very good at it.

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But hey, practice makes perfect.

I respect her determination to try and inconspicuously change her appearance entirely on social media. But I'm not so sure she's fooling anybody.

Most recently, fans are calling her out on this photo:

Instagram | @khloekardashian

Now look, it's a great photo!

But people were quick to point out that this is not what she looks like...

We've all seen KUWTK, we're all well-acquainted with what Khloé actually looks like — this ain't it, sis.

"is this kim or khloé i cant tell," one fan chimed in.

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"What happened to your nose? lmaoo," said another. "Is it me, or does she look different in every one of her pictures?"

"She's not this cute in real life," someone else wrote.

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Fans are starting to catch on that Khloé's face often varies from selfie to selfie.

The first thing people seemed to be noticing was her nose.

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It's definitely much narrower looking than we're used to.

But the question is, did she get a nose job? Or did she give herself a virtual nose-job using an editing app?

"Totally a different person from 2 photos ago," one person said.

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Some people are actually in disbelief that the person in the photo even is Khloé.

I mean, finding her near-doppelganger seems like it would be a lot more effort than just editing the photo to look the way she wants.

But that's an interesting theory!

"Kim must be your god in the family. Y'all transform into her look. Are you so afraid to be yourself?"

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"Khloe.... What happened?," another fan commented.

"The natural Khloe looked so much better, it’s a shame, she doesn’t look the same at all," someone pointed out.

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"Nothing says I love myself more than completely changing your face."

Evidently, fans are getting a little bit fed up with all the changes Khloé has been making to her photos.

"Nothing in this pic is real. Total mock-up. Wow! A new low," one person commented.

Some people also noticed some big differences in a recent video with Kylie.

YouTube | Kylie Jenner

The video was a "Sister Q & A" in preparation for the newest collaboration between KoKo and Kylie's cosmetic line, and it was super cute.

Most fans were just appreciating the sisterly content.

YouTube | Kylie Jenner

Swapping first kiss stories and gossiping just like sisters do, Kylie and Khloé were honestly pretty adorable and obviously having a lot of fun.

We all learned that the KarJenners are totally jealous of Khloé's hands.

YouTube | Kylie Jenner

She uses sunscreen and moisturizer every day to achiever her enviable hand look, but it does beg the question why she photoshops her hands to the point of creating double thumbs and way too many fingers, but I digress.

But some fans noticed something else.

YouTube | Kylie Jenner

Namely that KoKo looked totally different in this video than they were used to seeing her. The biggest difference, people said, was her nose. Is this sounding familiar?

Fans immediately flooded the comments with questions.

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People were pretty convinced that Khloé had had a nose job at some point, although some people were pointing out she was just starting to look more and more like her mother, Kris.

Which honestly makes sense.

Instagram | @kyliejenner

Obviously KoKo's going to start looking more and more like her mom — I'm looking more and more like MY mom, and I definitely haven't gotten a nose job.

It doesn't explain all the FaceTuning on her Instagram, but it might be a start.

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And I mean hey, we're all a lil' guilty of some Photoshop here and there.

But Koko doesn't seem to give any effs about what everyone else thinks.

So, more power to her if this is what makes her happy!