Unsplash | Anna Kolosyuk

12+ Times People Stumbled Upon Accidental Art

Have you ever found yourself discovering art in the most unusual places? Like after sipping a cup of coffee, you look down and see a mosaic that was created at the bottom of your cup. Doesn't that make you exclaim, "amazing!"?

Well, the following examples of accidental art just go to show you that beauty can be found all around us. We just have to look hard enough.

1. An Artful Map

Reddit | anthson

How cool is this water pipe corrosion that literally carved out a map on this sink? It looks like it was meant to be there.

2. Evil Clown

Reddit | anthson

OMG, I dunno if I mentioned I really don't like clowns. But I do like bacon. This would a conundrum to me. Do I eat it?

3. Accidental Deer Silhouette

My Favorite Daily Things

This looks like it was created on purpose but it was actually just an accidental drop of black paint. I would totally hang this up.

4. Windshield Art

Reddit | Marisselora

Would you believe me if I told you apparently this was created by bird poop on someone's windshield? Wow, I can't believe those colors. Pretty freaky.

5. A Cool Reflection

My Favorite Daily Things

Can you imagine looking into your coffee cup to see this cool reflection of the tapestry above your bed? It looks like a work of art.

6. An Artful View

Reddit | HappyGuacamole

If I didn't know this was an actual view from a bus window I would've thought it was an actual painting. How cool is that?

7. Cat Painting

Reddit | anthson

This undisturbed paint just sitting in the paint can looks like an actual real painting of a cat. Isn't it funny when things like this happen?

8. Chemical Reaction

Reddit | /anthson

This absolutely spectacular piece of art that looks like some marshy forest is actually just sediment in a test tube after a chemical reaction. This is gorgeous.

9. Ranch Dressing Art


Would you believe that this shape resembling a lady sitting on a bench was made by an accidental ranch dressing smear? Ha, ha, ha. Awesome!

10. Scary Shovel

Reddit | mitamoo23

Imagine picking up your shovel to see a face like this? Holy cow, no wonder the guy who owns this is a bit freaked out.

11. Haunted Graveyard

My Favorite Daily Things

I would be absolutely thrilled if I found this on my yogurt lid. It looks like a scene from a Tim Burton movie. I really dig it.

12. A Snowy Mountain

Reddit | VicoJuice

Even if you're not a fan of blood I think you could appreciate how this empty bag of blood looks like a snowy mountain scene.

13. Old Paint

My Favorite Daily Things

So I've seen something like this before but I have to admit this accidental art that looks like an oil painting is pretty special. I love it.

I have to say that looking at these accidental art masterpieces makes me want to look at my surroundings a little bit different now. I want to discover more.