10+ Toy Story 4 Easter Eggs That You Definitely Missed

Okay, folks, we're going to talk Toy Story 4 easter eggs today.

Pixar is one of the best companies for easter eggs, so we're probably going to find a lot here folks.



I know this movie just came out, so you probably haven't seen it.

Well, we're going to have to talk about the movie here, so watch out for spoilers if you're waiting to watch it.

1. Eggman Moving Company


This moving company at the beginning of the movie is the same one from Toy Story and Toy Story 2.

The design for the Eggman is also a reference to Pixar production designer Ralph Eggleston.

2. Clouds


In the opening scene, where we find out where Bo Peep was during Toy Story 3, we see a bunch of clouds.

This is a reference to the ending shot of Toy Story and Andy's wallpaper.

3. Pizza Planet Truck


Oh man, ever since I saw that truck in the first Toy Story I've wanted to go to Pizza Planet. Who wouldn't?

The place looks like every kid's dream... and the dream of some 24-year-old men.

Pizza Planet Truck (CONT)


However, the Pizza Planet Truck has been in every single Pixar movie, except The Incredibles (which is kind of weird, considering that's the one with the most humans in it).

Pizza Planet Truck (CONT... again)


However, they did something different with the Pizza Planet Truck for Toy Story 4.

It appears on the ankle of a carnival worker... as a tattoo. Hm... excuse me for a sec, I gotta go to the tattoo parlor quick.

4. Pixar's Mistake


There's a really emotional opening for this movie, so get your tissues ready.

I don't want to spoil much, but there's a number plate on the car that reads "RMRF97".

Pixar's Mistake (CONT)


That is a reference to a time in 1997 where someone deleted the entire Toy Story 2 movie using the command rm -r -f *. Luckily, they had another copy of the film.

5. Poker Picture


In the antique store, there's a picture of a bunch of dogs playing poker.

If you look closely, and I mean real close, you'll see that its the dogs from Up.

6. Ernesto De La Cruz


We once again return to the antique shop to find yet another Easter Egg.

By the record player, you'll see that there's an album from Ernesto De La Cruz, a character from Coco.

7. Est. 1986


Oh, and here we are at the antique store again.

The store's address is 1200, which is Pixar's and it was established in 1986, which, you guessed it, is the same year Pixar was established.

8. You Are A Toy


Oh yeah, we all remember that classic line from Toy Story the original. One of the funniest in the movie.

Anyways, Woody says that again to Forky after he escapes the RV.

9. Ye Olde Poultry Palace


This one's only for the die hard Toy Story fans... there was a short they made in 2011, where Buzz found himself in a fast food joint... called Ye Olde Poultry Palace.

10. Tripledent Gum


There's a really annoying jingle from Inside Out, do you remember?

Well, the brand responsible is Tripledent gum, which makes its return in Toy Story 4 as a billboard in the antique store.

11. Bonnie's Name


And finally, if you look on Forky's feet after Bonnie creates him at kindergarten, you'll see that she writes her name on her toy's feet.

Just like Andy did once upon a time.