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Pickle Mints Exist And It's Time To Cancel The Pickle Trend

Amy Pilkington 23 Jun 2019

So I love pickles. That dilly, vinegary crunch is the stuff dreams are made of and I can easily eat a whole jar in one sitting. I don’t want to cancel the pickle everything trend because I don’t get the appeal of pickles themselves.

But I really don’t get the appeal of some of these pickle-flavored novelty snacks. Sure, I’ve enjoyed dill pickle chips, but I can’t wrap my head around why someone craving pickle flavor would turn to something like cotton candy for their fix.

Which is why I physically recoiled when I saw the words “pickle” and “mints” beside one another.

Instagram | @cosmo_88

Just… why?

The official description says, “More transportable than a pickle jar, no briny mess,” which, sure, but mints??


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Of course, these days the definition of what a mint is has shifted a bit.


Like, there are plenty of brands out there that featured flavors beyond peppermint or spearmint. I’m partial to the berry ones myself, but if part of the point to mints is to freshen breath, then I don’t think there are many savory flavors that would fit.

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Judging by the reviews on Amazon, my skepticism is justified.

Archie McPhee

My favorite review is from Marcus Bilyeu, who says:

”This product was terrible! Keeping in mind that I didn't have a very high expectation of this product in the first place, when they arrived and I tried them they easily limboed well under the bar set by my expectations.”

Clearly, I’m not alone in my appreciation, as his is the top critical review.

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Sure, there are some positive reviews too.

Instagram | @kdgowdy

But in scanning through the 4 and 5-star entries, they seem to have one this in common: the reviewers haven’t actually tasted them. The ranking appears to be simply because the idea is funny or the mints made a good gag gift. Which, fair.

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The consensus seems to be that they just don’t taste like pickles and the flavor they do have is lackluster to say the least.

Instagram | @iamdeliasnails

“Cardboard” and “chalk” were common descriptions.

So that’s pretty lame. But, if you’re specifically looking for a gag gift for your pickle-loving friends, apparently it’s good for that.

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