24 Times People Walked Up On Something Out Of The Ordinary

Ordinariness has its moments. Sure, it seems boring, but how would you even get out of the house in the morning if everything you saw fascinated you?

Still, the line between what's commonplace and what's interesting can be blurry. But when something sticks out, you just know it. And, for some of us, that means it's time to snap a pic.

1. You have to admit, that's about the last place anybody would expect to see a dry-erase marker.

Reddit | Reddit

How is it attached to the ceiling? Why has it been stuck there? Actually, I'm not sure I want to know.

2. This bar has a neat twist: The men's room can see everything that's going on through the mirror behind the bar.

Reddit | Reddit

Just imagine watching all the bar drama while you pee. Better than TV!

3. This diner has an odd attraction on its walls: pictures that wrap across corners.

Reddit | kalm_traveler

Must have taken some skill to put those frames together, but I think they'd be even easier to hang than a flat picture.

4. Someone found a tree growing out of a street sign.

Reddit | StormTrooperAccuracy

Not the most unusual place for a tree to take root, but still, pretty impressive. I wonder if it will break through the pole in time.

5. This shark rock that someone found must have been painted that way, right?

Reddit | gdarb

No way does it naturally form like that. Even so, it's a neat little treat left for a stranger on the beach.

6. I don't know what sort of experiences this café has had, but they've set up a VCR in front of the toilet in their bathroom.

Reddit | Hollow-Bamboo

Just in case someone needs to use the facilities to travel back to the '90s.

7. Someone lost their watch while this section of pavement was still wet, and now it's part of the road.

Reddit | magenta_seahorse

And they're not getting it back. Mind you, I'm not sure even a Timex could keep on ticking after that licking.

8. Here's something out of the ordinary that you never want to see.

Reddit | arlene_8_

"My mom lives on the 12th floor and the condo above her was having a party when she saw this out her window," wrote Reddit user arlene_8_. Yikes!

9. Reddit user Mickster98 thought this crack in a lid looked like "one of those Metal band names that's impossible to read."

Reddit | Mickster98

I'm inclined to agree — I can kind of make out PRY, but that's about it. Anybody see anything else?

10. This crazy cage of rebar is from an old bank vault that's being demolished.

Reddit | Skyaboo

This is exactly why you'll see old banks being repurposed with the vaults still inside — they're built to last!

11. This guy made a truly unusual discovery: a piece of gum that totally matched his green shirt.

Reddit | thatsolandon

And not a simple, straightforward green, either. That gum blends in so well, it's like it's made out of the same material.

12. Yeah, if I was just walking down the street, minding my own business, and saw that someone had locked up their stationary bike outside, I would take a picture, too.

Reddit | felsic_mafic

You just don't see that every day.

13. In a thoroughly appropriate turn of events, someone's sidewalk chalk drawing of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland washed away in the rain, leaving only the smile behind.

Reddit | WizardMetal

Like it was meant to be — kind of creepy, but still on point.

14. It's not weird to see a couple of discolored trails in your concrete, but these are from the path ants take every day.

Reddit | A_Finch11

Ants make a chemical trail they follow between their nest and a food source, and apparently they've been following these paths for a while now.

15. Someone saw a lizard in the process of doing something amazing: growing its tail back.

Reddit | jtlee3333

Definitely one of nature's more incredible tricks, and it looks pretty interesting when it's only partly grown.

16. If you found a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone without the "Harry Potter" part, wouldn't you buy it?

Reddit | Espe_193

I would too —that's a pretty big printing error that has to be rare. And if somehow I hadn't noticed it until right now, I would have snapped the pic, at least.

17. Somebody seriously wanted their outdoor family dinners to be as authentic as possible, because they made a picnic table with end seats.

Reddit | Cosmos_Cawboy

Passing the potato salad never sounded so right.

18. Finding a face carved into a tree would be odd enough, but with this one, a critter came along and chewed the left eye out of the face.

Reddit | map2510

Just the eye. Now it gives off some strong pirate vibes, don't you think?

19. How many delivery vans out there have vinyl, stick-on tail lights?

Reddit | katsklawz

Yeah, only the round light is actually functional. Which begs the question: Why bother sticking fake tail lights on at all?

20. We've all played the claw game before, but how many of us have played the claw game with a smaller claw on the line as a prize?

Reddit | VirtualLife76

It's claw-ception at the arcade!

21. I'm not sure whether spiders or caterpillars have moved into this shrubbery, but either way, they're loving it.

Reddit | Grothorious

Looks like plenty of them have set up for a long term stay, too!

22. You can always tell where someone else went horribly wrong by product disclaimers, and this one takes the cake.

Reddit | 77dragondreams

So I guess someone actually tried to curl their eyelashes with a curling iron? Yikes.

23. This restaurant has a different way of putting mayo on sandwiches: using a whipped cream dispenser.

Reddit | alexkirwan11

Or possibly a piping bag. Either way, it's a fancy touch I never would have thought of.

24. Quite possibly the only thing more confusing to drivers than GPS navigation might be this speed limit sign. 

Reddit | verytoddclarence

Do the police in this area really clock you down to the half mph?