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These High-End Crocs Will Bring Out Your Inner Punk

We all wanna be comfortable in the summer, right? I know I do. That's why I've always looked for footwear that's not only stylish but also able to handle lots of walking around during those hot summer days.

So a pair of good ole trusted Crocs comes to mind. Well, now this pair has been upgraded punk style.

Crocs have long been associated with comfy footwear that is just as useful in the garden as it is when walking down the street while looking stylish.

Stylish being a matter of opinion, of course.

But this year they have teamed up with Barneys to create a line of shoes reminiscent of the '80s punk era.

Check out what they came up with.

This new line of Crocs just launched on June 19 and it's comprised of clogs that somehow muddle the line between geek chic and punk rock cool.



These are definitely not the same Crocs that I have in my closet right now. LOL!

These look like they have been transported back to the '80s for sure.

If you've never been a fan of Crocs because of their granny-like styles perhaps these will be that push that will finally get you to jump on the Crocs bandwagon.

They aren't Granny's shoes, that's for sure.

There are five distinctive styles to choose from, all with different elements of the '80s.

Massive spikes, as well as rhinestone-studded lock charms and chain-embellished slingback straps are some of the features.

This one is the most metal-inspired of all the clogs in the collection.


It comes with mixed-metal studs, spikes, and punk-inspired charms. You'll definitely make a statement with these.

I'm actually really digging this blue denim-print-rubber clogs.


These were made to resemble the jean jackets that punks used to wear in the '80s. Whoa, that's so radical dude.

Those who are looking for something a little bit more feminine might like these.


They come with charms like boom boxes, leather jackets, taxi cabs, and David Bowie's lightning bolt.

And if you don't like the pink version because it's just too much flash for you, you can get the same exact shoe with all the embellishments in white.


White is classic, after all.

I dunno about you but these are starting to grow on me.

I mean, call me crazy but these look like they would be fun to wear.

This last version is pure punk.


These come with a spiked cap toe. Then when you turn it around and you'll see a safety-pin and stud-embellished slingback strap. Rock on!

You know you're cool when your hair matches your new retro '80s Crocs!

OMG, that's definitely quite the fashion statement. Don't you think? I'm so digging this NYC shot.

So what do you think of these shoes?

Do you think they're ultra cool or you that you wouldn't be caught dead in these '80s punk-inspired Crocs which cost $90? I gotta know!