Russell Crowe Was Once Meant To Play Wolverine: "I Wouldn't Have Carried It Through"

Wolverine is an iconic character, and he was played to perfection by Hugh Jackman.

But before Jackman was cast, there was actually supposed to be a different actor who played the character!

So, a lot of people don't know this but...


Russell Crowe was, once upon a time, about to be our Wolverine.

That would have been...interesting?

He told all recently.

YouTube | The Howard Stern Show

"There's no way I would have ever done that." Crowe said. "Even if I'd done the film, I wouldn't have carried it through with the grace and the direction that Hugh gave it."

Hugh Jackman gave a dedicated performance as Wolverine.


He played the role for 10 years and did a fantastic job at it.

No actor could have done a better job in my opinion.

What do you think?


Do you think Russell Crowe would have carried the character properly? Or would he have butchered it?

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