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16+ Pics That Prove Being Tall Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be

For as long as I can remember, I've always been pretty tall. I was big for my age growing up and stand at about 6' 1'' today. I'm not a towering giant by any means, but that's still tall enough that it becomes noticeable.

I don't just mean that others noticed my height, although that's true enough. Instead, I'm referring to the fact that we interact with the world a little differently when we're above average height.

And while I'm happy to help people reach stuff on high shelves, I also must admit that I've dealt with some of the issues we'll be looking at today.

1. Sadly, this technique may provide this guy with some relief, but it's not like he can go anywhere like this.

Reddit | PaperTronics

It's not enough that this car is too short for him, but the sunroof just had to sit at eye-level, I guess.

Oh, cruel fate.

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2. The taller somebody is, the less likely they'll be able to trust a mirror when something gets in their eye.

Reddit | DrButterscotch

I mean, we can know how stylish our shirts are just by looking down. This isn't giving us any new information.

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3. One thing that tall folks and short folks can agree on is that hotel robes definitely don't "fit all."

Reddit | The_Trip_Doctor

Depending on your size, there's a good chance you might end up either tripping over it or wind up needing to wear pants with it.

Kind of defeats the purpose, right?

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4. I didn't take the Metro when I visited Washington D.C. and apparently, that's for the best.

Reddit | fisherelliott15

I guess it's a good thing I'm usually lazy enough to try and hunt for a seat, which is probably what I'd suggest for this guy right now.

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5. Fortunately, these two came to an understanding about how to deal with the space between these chairs.

Reddit | Juzzzo

Yeah, whenever it's time to sit in chairs that face each other, don't be surprised if a slight whimper comes out of your tall friend.

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6. From the looks of it, this guy has a good reason to hope for a hole-in-one every time he takes his driver out.

Reddit | bderrly

I don't want to imagine what hunching over like this for 18 different holes must do to the back.

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7. Bathroom stalls can only provide so much privacy at the best of times, but that goes double when you're tall.

Reddit | 9IceBurger6

So anyone of that description who uses them to pee standing up might as well just go to the urinal.

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8. Apparently, this was the only ATM this traveler could find that would take his debit card.

Reddit | languidlinguine

To add insult to injury, I wouldn't be surprised if there were plenty of nice wall-mounted ones around.

But nope, only the one that requires a background in yoga to use would work for him.

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9. The legroom makes a plane a tall person's kryptonite, but his troubles started before he even sat down.

Reddit | dirty_bubble45

Because wrestling your carry-on out of the overhead bin wasn't challenging enough without bumping your head on the ceiling.

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10. Maybe it makes a proposal more powerful when it's this easy to stare into your beloved's eyes from your knee.

Reddit | cmazmanian

Most people get down on one knee out of tradition, but it seems like it was pretty much necessary for this groom-to-be.

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11. Aww, it seems like this kid has to grow up a little faster than she expected.

Reddit | majorjoe23

I will say that my height as a kid actually came in handy because I happened to be just the right size to go on any ride I wanted.

Still, that's just because I hit a very lucky theme park.

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12. Height can often come with some long arms, which present their own problems.

Reddit | kiviuqs_

It's definitely handy to reach farther than others, but it's still a weird feeling when everything you wear leaves your forearms drafty.

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13. Most people may not do interviews, but those who do can suddenly be very aware of their height differences.

Reddit | Hubbyy

For this guy's sake, I just hope he was able to get everything in one take so he could stop standing like this.

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14. Of course, it doesn't get any easier when the tall person is on the other side of the microphone.

Reddit | bolczan

As you can see, that means the interviewer might have to get a little creative to make sure everybody's in the shot.

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15. Sometimes, a group shot can be a great way for tall people to remain anonymous.

Reddit | offthehizzy1

Unfortunately, that didn't seem to be what this gentleman was going for here, but at least we know how generous his neck was.

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16. Being tall opens us up to a lot of similar questions, so this guy decided to handle them all in one card.

Reddit | NewtonJesse

To be fair, I was actually into basketball as a kid, but I think that had more to do with Space Jam than my height.

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17. This young man from the Netherlands traveled to China and this essentially summed up his experience.

Reddit | Max_farsteps

This might be the only case where sliding down the banister could actually be the more practical solution.

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18. It's annoying to hit your head while going down stairs, but it's especially bad while trying to concentrate.

Reddit | BananaResistance

Did they really have to do him like this and set the table up right where he would bump his head? That seems a little unfair.

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19. You can never fit in a profile pic with your significant other.

You can't just use that really cute pic taken at the party last weekend. Instead, every pic has to be taken with the intention of being a profile pic and the awkward hunching required to make it happen.

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20. I hope you don't get claustrophobic.

Twitter | @Edo_LoZ

Because even standard-sized elevators are going to feel like a tight squeeze. The elevator pictured feels like cruel and unusual punishment.

And not very wheelchair friendly.

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21. Hospitals aren't comfortable places for anyone to sleep, but those beds aren't helping.

Though, I appreciate how this person figured out that they could stick their feet out the handle at the end.

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22. Every hug is an awkward hug.

Imgur | Paulsmellslikepoo

Even if the shorter person stands on their toes, the height discrepancy is likely to result in some yoga.

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23. Umbrellas become weapons of mass destruction.


All of those pointy bits are at eye level, turning a pedestrian walkway into a minefield of ways you can poke your eye out.

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24. And you will always have to be the person that holds the umbrella.

Imgur | torcord

You'll never have the joy of staying dry while having both hands free, but you could probably leverage the fact in a deal to get the shorter person to carry your stuff.

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25. Being tall also means having large hands.

Reddit | Stoicdadman

Which means that your fingers may touch the wet bottom of those air-blade hand driers. Kind of gross.

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26. Sometimes you sincerely hope that the stadium isn't sold out for the game.

Reddit | iknowhowtalliam

Those seats are packed in so tightly that even short people can feel cramped. Normally, I'd scoff at shoes being on public seating, but I'll give this guy a pass.

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27. Either this guy's got an iron head or he's not the only one who's had this problem.

Reddit | SimplyTim90

Either way, that sign is definitely not kidding about how low it is.

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28. The whole point of pre-distressed jeans is to look like you wore them out yourself.

Reddit | pennylane_9

But those holes are placed based on an assumed average and when you're tall, you may find your knees don't match up.

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29. Some showers are definitely easier for us to wash our hair in than others.

Reddit | PaperTronics

Worse yet, it doesn't even look like that shower head detaches. There are definitely safer places to limbo, but he's running out of options.

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