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16+ People Who Definitely Don't Take Life Too Seriously

mason.zimmer 18 Jun 2019

On the rare occasions that somebody can convince me to go to a party, my biggest mission when I get there is to find that person who makes everything fun.

Whether they're a charming enough of a goofball to get me into the spirit of the festivities or savage enough enough to make me hold my laughter in as they tear them down, I know I'll be all right as long as they're around.

And although it's rare to get so many of them together, the people we're about to meet today can fill that role perfectly.

1. People are either going to love or hate this, but this knows exactly what he's doing.

Reddit | Granko15

Frankly, the fact that he was even able to get his mustache to connect with his chest cat is impressive enough on its own.

This guy parties hard.

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2. I wouldn't have imagined that a mat could have such detailed instructions, but they're actually worth reading for once.

Reddit | RelaxedChap

Plus, it's always good to include some positive reinforcement along with all the rules. You may not be able to eat off this mat or glue it to pregnant women, but you can do the hokey-pokey on it.

And if you know what's good for you, don't taunt the mat!

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3. I'm terrible at pool at the best of times, so I'm not really the person to ask whether this improves your game.

Reddit | ofinix129

That barely-contained frustration on the dude's face suggests that you probably won't find many volunteers if you try this yourself, though.

He's a good sport.

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4. We don't need to see anything else in the photo to guess that this sign is standing next to a bar.

Reddit | Dont-give-me-knives-

Other than trying to polish off multiple Four Lokos in one night, however, I'm not sure what counts as drinking for evil.

And yes, I've drank for evil if we're using that definition and it didn't pay off.

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5. I'm not sure if I'm ready for a world where this stops being a joke and starts being the new normal.

Reddit | theboppops

In any case, whether people will one day "press F to pay respects"without a trace of irony or not, this person is a bold visionary.

Plus, that's just a nice, well-made F.

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6. If this guy is a plumber, then he definitely knows how to advertise.

Reddit | 3gcamk

After all, somebody who's proud enough of what they do to smile brightly over a mural of themselves with their pants around their ankles is probably worth hiring.

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7. These guys managed to keep straight faces, but I can't imagine telling the barber you want your hair to look like a little hat with anything but an adorable smile.


Come on, are we supposed to believe that they didn't even crack a little smirk when they completed the look with those little logos?

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8. It takes some pretty strong confidence to own what people use to insult you the most.

Reddit | gmikoner

Besides, I imagine it would be pretty hard to keep screaming at the other driver in a car accident when somebody who looks like this pulls up to take your statement.

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9. I've seen some funny shower curtains in my time, but I don't think I've seen one sum up its job so humorously.

Reddit | AxNinjaS

The only thing I'd say is that if someone doesn't take the hint that this "error message" is laying down, it's probably their privacy settings that are the problem.

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10. It's easy to get frustrated with being under surveillance all the time, but at least this gave somebody a chance to get creative.

Reddit | TayJay23YT

Not only is this a clever use of the camera, but it's a good reminder that the battle droids were actually one of the more endearing parts of the Star Wars prequels.

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11. I don't know who sacrificed their underwear to make this possible, but they can rest assured that it wasn't in vain.

Reddit | _qt314bot

Plus, even the trees should have a chance to feel pretty every now and then.

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12. Whatever the story behind this tattoo is, I'm sure it's as absurd as the results here.

Reddit | ngohongphuc2001

"Cool" and "fresh" aren't exactly the first words I'd use to describe a pad, but I guess I can see how one could be either of those things.

I need to know how this happened.

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13. The laughter that this inspires may be uncomfortable, but I'd say it still counts.

Reddit | Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

Somehow, those angry eyes on the turkey straddle the line between hilarious and terrifying just enough to work and it's good to see that the doll is properly garnished.

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14. I wouldn't say that Buddha and Master Chief have too much in common, but somebody obviously didn't let that stand in the way of their vision.

Reddit | shakethatashe

Maybe we're seeing a chapter in Master Chief's life where the space wars are finally over and he's learned to embrace true peace.


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15. I suppose the driver was aware of how nervous anyone driving behind them would be and wanted to break the ice with a little joke.

Reddit | PlaschkeWillenholly

It's also a good way of shielding themselves from anybody who wants to get mad about the sharp logs they're carting around.

"You don't like my giant stakes? That sounds like something a vampire would say!"

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16. I'm not sure how easy this car would be to drive, but it definitely wins points for originality.

Reddit | sabeeef

The open top might make things feel a little breezy, but the gorilla suit that probably comes with this should make the driver feel warm enough.

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17. This guy found a funny way to prove his commute sucks more than most and all he had to do was open his sunroof.

Reddit | PaperTronics

This would be the perfect time to very seriously ask if we find something comical about his appearance when he's driving his automobile.

You either get that one or you don't.

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18. The uploader posted this with the caption "I feel personally attacked" and that just puts a cherry on top of the whole thing.

Reddit | margaretpinkerton

The only way they could save this would be by saying, "We're onto you, Margaret. Admit it, you wanted to touch the dinosaur."

Mind you, that would work on pretty much all of us. Even those who aren't named Margaret.

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19. I love people who have their own personal style, but this may be a step too far.

Reddit | Ostrantula

It's like Dr. Seuss and Tim Burton got together and had a fling with Waldo.

I can't forgive the purple crocs for ruining the whole look.

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20. Let's all take a moment to slow clap for this dedication to a very bad pun.

Reddit | MonFeesh

I'm not sure I could handle driving that everyday, but it probably saves them an entire marketing budget by being so memorable.

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21. Custom paint jobs aren't cheap, so this person must really love that movie.

Reddit | thomasyaboi

If this Shrek truck doesn't regularly carry loads of onions to market, then it's doing things very wrong.

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22. This shouldn't be funny, but it is.

Reddit | stalinisOURdaddy

If only because of how Disney turned down the recent request for a little boy to have Spider-Man on his gravestone due to trademark violations.

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23. Ah yes, the wichsand. The greatest invention since the sandwich.

Reddit | Din_Gurevich

Personally, I like a good ratio of bread to fillings, but if you're just in it for the meat, then this is probably for you.

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24. You know... I only chose this pic because it's cute.

Reddit | PerplexedCrocodile

Of course, if you're working in an animal clinic and you have one special kitten that insists on staying close, I'd start making it little clothes too.

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25. I want to believe this was from some sort of costume contest.

Reddit | Simeon747

Please be from a costume contest and not just a random dude that got bored waiting in one of those long Ikea checkout lines.

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26. Look, kitty, if you're going to insist on being right by me while I work, I'm going to put you to use.

Reddit | SwanChairUh

That's one deep-sleeping cat, because mine would have woken up and clawed me before I got the first pen to stand up straight.

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27. "Falling deer" seems like an odd descriptive term here.

Reddit | goodlyearth

More like "beware half-eaten animal carcasses falling from the trees ... oh, and the leopards that were eating it."

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28. Screen door: 0 Doggo: 1

Reddit | sierranotserena

Although, the sign does say "new" screen door, so perhaps this isn't the first time.

It's good to have a sense of humor about these things, because the dog's not gonna get what was wrong.

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29. When naming your naval-themed bar, consider all options.

Reddit | Acacia_Silence

A sextant isn't really a tool many people come across anymore and really, it has the word "sex" in the name. Clearly, you missed your calling and should have been a naval-themed strip club.

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30. The only reaction I can possibly have to this photo is a facepalm.

Reddit | Fwoggie2

You see that is an electric car being charged by a diesel generator.

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31. It's not often that our joke ideas actually turn out to be good ones, so it's definitely worth celebrating the ones that do.

Reddit | SpellsThatWrong

Not to mention, shouting "GOAL" while you're doing your business seems like a good way to get over a shy bladder.

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32. This sign is using some seriously high steaks marketing.

Reddit | NateTheBigHate

Admit it, you chuckled. Is the sign technically correct? Sort of, but I think they're more at risk than the prospective patron.

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33. I think we all know a Bob and we all agree that Bob deserves to be called out.

Reddit | Astro_Nout

Is the fence a bit unsightly? Sure, but it's also not Bob's place to complain and he must have done it a lot to get this result.

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34. It's hard to tell how to feel about pants that make the butt look like the charming windows on Grandma's house.

Reddit | JBBurtoni2

I guess it's about the same feeling as when you're in the throes of passion only for your beloved to suddenly say, "Did you eat yet, dearie?"

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