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Jason Momoa Wants To Do A 'Twins' Remake With Peter Dinklage

If you've never heard of Twins that's okay, because it came out 30 years ago.

But if you want to watch a newer version of it, then you're in luck, because Jason Momoa really wants to make it happen.

In case you didn't see the original movie...


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito play fraternal twins named Vincent and Julius.

They were created as an experiment, separated at birth, and they eventually find each other.

At Fan Fest, the idea was brought up to Momoa.

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His response:

"Tell me where to sign! Absolutely. That'd be amazing. I love that movie," he said.

It would definitely be interesting to see them on-screen together.


Especially since we never got to see them together on Game of Thrones.

What do you think?


Is this something that you would want to see?

Maybe Emilia Clarke could make a surprise appearance in the movie!