10+ Mistakes In 'Toy Story' That Fans Definitely Never Noticed

Woah! Mistakes in Toy Story?

Aren't I committing some mortal sin if I point out the flaws in this awesome piece of nostalgia bait (there can be non-awesome pieces of nostalgia bait)?

We're talking "Toy Story" flaws, people.


So if you live by the word of our lords and saviors Buzz and Woody, this isn't the article for you. I'm sorry, go with Andy and may his love shine through you.

(This is the part where you type: and also with you).

1: The Wallpaper


In the first photo, the wallpaper goes all the way down to the floor.

But in the second, it only goes halfway down. Big mistake, people. Huge.

2: The Sunroof


In some scenes, the car shows that there is a sunroof.

But in others, like when they return home from pizza, it suddenly disappears.

3: The Laser


When Buzz points his laser at Woody, it's a constant beaming light.

But Woody says it's just a light that flickers on and off!

4: Woody in the Crate


While Woody is trapped in the crate, there's a book in the back of him.

But when Buzz helps him move it, the book is suddenly gone.

5: The Footrest


So Andy catapults Woody into the air off of a footrest (something I've tried many times, it does not work, unfortunately).

However, out of nowhere, the footrest is down in the next scene.

6: The Reflection


Jeez, this one takes a really careful and keen eye. While Woody and Buzz talk to each other outside Pizza Planet, you can see a reflection in Buzz's helmet.

However, it's not backward as it should be.

7: The Magic 8-Ball


"Magic" takes on a double meaning here, folks.

In the same scene, the Magic 8-Ball changes position while no one is touching it.

8: The Window


After Woody is rejected by the other toys, he drapes out the window, defeated.

However, once he goes to talk to Buzz, you see in the background that the window is closed.

9: The Baby Monitor


In this shot, the toys are scrambling because Andy is coming back!

They found that out from the baby monitor that was next to Woody which in this shot, has suddenly disappeared.

10: The Lights


And now for another case of disappearing lights.

One moment there's a coil of them outside of Hannah's room, and the next they're suddenly gone. Maybe they're sentient like the toys?

11: The Bug


This one I'm actually kind of thankful for. Woody tries to clean a bug off of Buzz's helmet, but there's some residue left. Moments later, the residue is gone.

Good, because that looked gross.

12: The Alarm


Alarms can be so confusing, can't they folks? No? That's just me?

Well, apparently Sid has trouble with them too. He sets his alarm for 8:25 but it goes off at 7 the next day.

13: Molly's Blue Blanket


It's a disappearing act. One moment the blanket is there, hanging out and maxing, relaxing all cool.

The next moment it's gone, presumably with its auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.

You know of any?


Or are you too busy furiously typing your angry reply to me for my heresy? Listen I said I was sorry! And in the eyes of Saint Rex, isn't that what it's all about?