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Dad Comes Up With Brilliant Hack For Daughter's Prom Photos

Prom can be such a fun time of the year. There's so much anticipation associated with this event from the dress to the shoes to the date and the limo ride. It's all so important. But the most important part of prom is getting that perfect picture.

So no wonder some people will resort to unusual and interesting ways of getting that picture perfect shot. Check this out.

Some dads may not even care that much when their daughter is about to go to the prom.

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And there are other dads out there that will go all out.

Case in point with this story about one resourceful dad.

When his daughter complained about getting hair in her face during an impromptu outdoor photo shoot he immediately sprang into action.

No, not like that lol. But he did one better.

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He got an idea to use the leaf blower to create a wind machine to capture that perfect shot.

Ha ha ha! I know it might sound a bit odd but when used with caution this is actually a really awesome idea.

And the pictures below prove it.

While a cousin was the actual photographer, dad skillfully operated the leaf blower creating just enough wind action to help capture stunning photos of his prom clad daughter.

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She looks beautiful!

Together they created the perfect and very harmonious team that was able to get awesome shots that will now serve as a great memory of equally awesome prom.

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Here's one of the beautiful photos captured during this fun outside right before prom photo shoots.

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And her hair stayed perfectly away from her face just like she wanted.

How about this gorgeous close-up?

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Turns out this girl's cousin is a photographer so once the leaf blower was in action she knew exactly what to do next.

Judging from the comments left on Twitter, it looks like more people want to get on the action and recreate their own photos just like this.

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This might start a trend.

Looks like this new father is already planning ahead.

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Even though his baby is years away from prom. But, it's always good to start getting prepared. No?

Here's the short video that shows exactly how this all unfolded.

So now there's proof that some dads are just better than others. Way to go, dad!

Dang, if I knew about this simple trick I would've had so many amazing photos taken for many different occasions.

How did I not think of that before?

Why is it that dads are always so resourceful?

Is it something that's just been planted in their DNA? Don't you ever wonder about that? We need to explore this!

Don't you just love it when your dad spontaneously springs into action and does something that ends up making your day?

I think this dad definitely did that! A+!