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16+ Dark Pics Of Nature That Leave An Impression

mason.zimmer 17 Jun 2019

I recently visited the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, and while there I got a sense of what life in California was like about 40,000 years ago.

At the time, the world was experiencing an intense ice age and dire wolves, saber-toothed cats, mastodons and massive short-faced bears wandered the land. And the fact that every sloth that ended up in the tar pits had about nine wolves buried with it showed just how hungry those huge creatures could get.

Nowadays, only some intrepid coyotes will get that close to our sprawling cities, so we'll have to look elsewhere to see what happens when nature gets action-packed.

1. This hyena is clearly not happy to see the photographer, but that's because they were interrupting its dinner.

Reddit | kruger_explorer

This was taken in the Kruger National Park in South Africa where the hyena was chowing down on a zebra before this picture was taken.

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2. Most of us don't need much convincing to take the spiders of Australia seriously, but here we have yet another reason to watch out.

Reddit | chiledoesntexist

In case it's not clear what's going on, this one is trying to eat a possum it had just taken down. If it makes you feel any better, the possum wasn't full-grown so the spider isn't that big.

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3. If you're in a situation where a goose shows you its mouth like this, I don't envy you.


Not only because the inside of a goose's mouth is a disquieting sight to behold, but because it thinks you're in its territory so it's probably gearing up for an attack.

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4. These ants apparently wanted this fish skeleton so bad they were willing to carry it up a wall.

Reddit | i124nk8

This not only shows the impressive feats that ants can accomplish when they work together, but also inspires some curiosity as to what they plan to use it for.

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5. Once you dig deep enough under the earth, you'll enter the devil worm's home.

Reddit | ShiaLaMoose

According to National Geographic, this worm can be found 2.2 miles underground, which makes it the deepest-living animal ever discovered.

Fortunately for anyone worrying that Tremors is becoming true to life, these worms are only about 0.5 millimeters long.

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6. If you're crazy enough to wake this flying fox up, you'll probably be doing it by yourself.

Reddit | Statementaa

A bat-like creature that can grow to the size of a motorcycle makes for a pretty effective "do not disturb" sign, don't you think?

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7. Most of us wouldn't want to stumble upon a lioness at the best of times, but this one has a particularly haunting look.

Reddit | SpoiledHdrahim

Unfortunately, that seems to be due to a rather nasty parasite that set up shop in her eye.

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8. The way the photographer tells it, this frog seemed to go forth without too much trouble.

Reddit | GoldenHairedMyth

This wouldn't normally be much of a surprise, but most of us would normally expect a frog to need both of its arms if it wants to get around comfortably.

Not so, apparently.

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9. This fox was probably good at making some small creatures nervous, but it seems the shoe is on the other foot now.

Reddit | hardyhaha_09

This wedge-tailed eagle might have had a lot more trouble claiming its prize if the fox was ready, but everything about this scene suggests its presence was a complete surprise.

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10. This mantis shrimp definitely stands out, but its colorful display isn't the only special thing about it.

Reddit | CaDE_10

According to The Smithsonian, its muscles are so strong that it can punch a crab apart in an instant.

Not only that, but it's been known to punch through the glass at aquariums. If there are maximum security aquariums, that's where these need to go.

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11. It's hard to tell what this deer has been through, but it definitely seems like it's had a rough day.

Reddit | wuba96

If all the foliage stuck to its antlers doesn't make that clear, the likely mighty cry its making right here should do the trick.

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12. The impressive blue markings on this dragonfly aren't the only reason we should appreciate it right now.

Reddit | Barbatruc17

It's also doing all of us a good turn by chowing down on an annoying mosquito. Nice one, dragonfly!

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13. That odd little tuft coming out of this stork's mouth does a lot to explain why it looks so satisfied.

Reddit | Blackvipermwg

Unfortunately, it's also a sign that the bird is in the ending stages of eating a rabbit because those are the creature's feet.

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14. It can be a little hard to realize what's going on here, so here's a little clue. There isn't just one spider here.

Reddit | CountCavula

Apparently, one Golden Silk Orb-Weaver here was a little better at its job than the other one because we're actually watching it eat its rival.

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15. When this red-tailed hawk's family is hungry, it proves that nothing it can eat is off-limits.

Reddit | Zoztrog

And so, it's carrying off this blackbird chick that seems unlikely to provide much of a meal. It's not often we see prey that it only needs one talon to carry.

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16. If you're unlucky enough to encounter this horrifying sight, the only comfort I can give you is that it won't be this big.

Reddit | worldspiney

That's because we're looking at the head of a fly with some heavy fungus growing out of it.

Just what everybody wanted to see.

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17. Many of us might think minks are cute, but that's the last thing on this crayfish's mind.

Reddit | Wdeflect

Real fur may not be the most ethical thing to wear, but that's not to say that minks can't dish out some damage of their own.

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18. From the looks of it, this fish is smarter than the average bear.


Either that or it's just incredibly lucky to avoid its jaws and give the furry giant a slap in the face.

It seems like it hurt, too.

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19. Even crocodiles don't stand a chance against hippos.

Reddit | allthekos

Even though hippos are arguably one of the cutest animals on this planet, they're also one of the most aggressive.

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20. This image looks like it's straight out of an "Alien vs. Predator" movie.

Reddit | Guevarra25

This is actually the inside of a leatherback turtle's mouth. These are a bunch of papillae, which are essentially extremely sharp teeth that allows the turtle to chomp down on jellyfish without getting stung.

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21. This praying mantis must have been pretty hungry to eat this hummingbird while hanging on for dear life.

Reddit | Drapsag99

It may be hard to believe such a slim insect could eat a whole hummingbird, but they really can.

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22. Leopard seals are pretty adorable, until you open their mouths.

Reddit | lapapinton

Their teeth are pretty gnarly, but these teeth help them kill smaller seals, fish, and squid for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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23. One of the best things about our planet is how beautiful its nature is.

Reddit | [deleted]

However, it can also be pretty dangerous out there. This is the aftermath of a massive rock slide.

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24. The first image of a black hole in space was captured this past spring.


Black holes are pretty terrifying to say the least. Their gravitational pull is so strong that even light can't escape it.

It's best to stay as far away as possible, so just a picture will do.

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25. Lightning is so beautiful, but so terrifying at the same time.

Reddit | flappytowel

I wouldn't want to be caught in this storm at all, but I will admit that it's a beautiful photo to look at from a distance!

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26. These wild dogs were pretty brave to approach this hyena in the first place.

Reddit | Dogs-Keep-Me-Going

But even when outnumbered, this hyena shows them who's boss.

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27. You don't want to mess with a lion cub's mom.

Reddit | IneptNoodle

You don't want to mess with anyone's mom, really. I'm sure all of our mothers give people this exact stare when they've messed with us in some way.

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28. You won't see Daenerys Targaryen riding these guys.

Reddit | Ninja_Spi-D-er

Earless monitor lizards are the closest we'll ever get to see what dragons might look like if they really existed.

Or maybe they do exist, and they're earlesss monitor lizards?

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29. This photo is what nightmares are made of.

Reddit | flappytowel

This photo captures what spotting a giant tornado in the county looks like. You won't be catching Dorothy or Toto here.

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30. This is an example of nature destroying nature.

Reddit | flappytowel

Wildfires are extremely devastating, to say the least. Not only do they devastate forests, but they also have the potential to ravage people's homes and cities.

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31. You wouldn't want this cat to lick your face.

Reddit | oct123456

If you have a cat, you may have noticed that their tongues are a bit scratchy. The sharp papillae allow cats to clean themselves and, for larger cats in the wild, also lick the fur and meat off their prey.

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32. This caribou looks like he's been through some things.

Reddit | to_the_tenth_power

Even though it looks like this caribou tore apart another animal, it's actually shedding the velvet from its antlers.

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33. This plant in Turkey might not have caught most of our attention, but it's certainly popular with the snails.

Reddit | BennysAsh

It would be more clear why they all felt the need to climb it if this was the scene of a flood, but there's apparently something irresistible about it all on its own.

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34. A lot of animals look pretty relaxed when they swim, but this jaguar obviously isn't one of them.

Reddit | KristianKrogh

It's amazing that the photographer was able to keep themselves steady enough to get this shot with those furious eyes bearing down on them.

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