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10+ People Who Asked Themselves 'What Could Go Wrong?' And Got Their Answer

Kasia M 18 Jun 2019

You know when sometimes you have lofty plans to attempt something that you've never done before and you're not exactly sure if it's going to work out or not? But you're so confident that nothing can possibly go wrong that you proceed anyway?

Well, this is exactly what happened to these folks and they found out the hard way.

1. Leave The Cleaning To The Kids


This is what happens when you leave an important job like cleaning out a fire pit with a leaf blower to the kids.

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2. Great Cleaning Job

Reddit | rodrigocfd

Are these guys just daft all on their own or was this their boss' fault? But cleaning the windows while it's raining just doesn't work.

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3. Car Washed


I guess there's a good reason why they tell you not to walk into the car wash. This employee must've not heard that warning.

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These are perfect examples of when cleaning seemed like a good idea only to go terribly terribly wrong.


But seriously cleaning windows in a downpour takes the cake here.

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4. This Will Teach You Not To Microwave Eggs

Reddit | DukeStolly

Apparently, when your eggs are only half cooked in the microwave you shouldn't attempt to cook them any further. Kaboom!

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5. When You're The Grill Master

Reddit | galacticninja145

So you think you're a real grill master by using chopsticks to flip the steak only you end up doing this. What a waste!

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6. Robe On Fire

Reddit | sgderp87

Here's living proof that cooking while wearing a house robe is never a good idea. Whoa, the way the flames engulfed this guy is quite unbelievable!

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7. Cooking Pasta Can Be Hazardous

Reddit | Sprok56

This is what happens when you're trying to boil pasta in a ceramic pot rather than a metal pot. Oh crap, this isn't good.

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OMG, are these people for real?

Giphy | Hell's Kitchen

I knew cooking was an acquired skill but someone needs to teach these folks about cooking and fire safety as well. This is awful.

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8. DIY Rollercoaster Fail

Reddit | Aliofoje

I know it must be hard not to be able to go on a real rollercoaster ride but this DIY one just won't cut it.

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9. Sometimes You Need A Little Help From Your Friends

Reddit | BigAL1118

This guy could've used a hand or two to put up this furniture because DIY didn't work for him.

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10. Driving A Forklift Without A Licence

Reddit | AdamE89

I dunno if it was the case here but it might've as well have been. Wow, wonder if he still has a job.

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11. Who Needs A Hairdresser

Reddit | wiseusername

I know it might seem like a good idea at the time to give yourself a little haircut but kids don't do this at home.

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Wow, I can't believe there are so many people out there willing to risk their own lives to like cook and clean.


Next time get someone else to do it.

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