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Bring Your Dog To Work Day Might Just Be The Best Day Of The Year

Amy Pilkington 16 Jun 2019

Move over, Take Your Kid To Work Day, because you've just been replaced by something way better!

Okay, I'm mostly joking. Take Your Kid To Work Day is a great program with tons of benefits, but it doesn't have dogs. And dogs make everything better.

Take Your Dog To Work Day has actually been around for 20 years.

Giphy | Best Friends Animal Society

The first was in 1999, when Pet Sitters International was looking for a way to promote pet adoption.

They thought that by allowing dogs into the workplace for one day a year, people without dogs could see what all the fuss was about and maybe be inspired to adopt their own furry friend.

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Of course, dogs aren't the only animals in need of forever homes.


After TYDTWDay proved popular, the idea was expanded to an entire Take Your Pet To Work Week.

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The event is always in June, the week after Father's Day.

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That means for 2019, the week runs from June 17 - 21.

Monday is Take Your Cat To Work Day and Friday is for doggos.

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Of course, you probably shouldn't just show up at the office with your dog.


You should ask permission, check for coworkers with severe allergies, and have a plan for things like potty breaks.

(Dear Diply Overlords: please take this as my official request to bring my furry children into work on Friday. KTHXBYE)

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If your boss needs a little more of a push, maybe try the science approach.


More than a few studies have shown that floofy balls of love in the office decreases workplace stress for everyone present.

Plus, they're adorable AF.

For ideas on how to celebrate in your office, check out Pet Sitters International's official website.

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