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People Are Upcycling Ikea's Famous 99-Cent Reusable Bag Into Clothing

Upcycling is a huge trend in the DIY community and people are getting a ton of ideas on what and how to do it right.

One of the latest trends is making stuff out of the iconic 99-cent polypropylene IKEA tote bag. Check out these awesome ideas people have used it for.

1. Fanny Pack

No need to go out and spend a pretty penny for the latest designer fanny pack. Why don't you just make yourself one using the Ikea bag?

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2. Denim Bag

Get on the denim bandwagon with this super cool idea to upcycle the Ikea bag into a fashionable denim tote bag. I'm actually really loving this.

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3. Mini Dress

Wow, how cool is this super cute and sexy mini dress made entirely out of the Ikea tote bag? Apparently, no glue was even needed. So creative.

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4. Ikea Shoe

Now, this shoe is almost entirely made out of the Ikea tote bag. I wonder if it's actually comfortable to wear. How do you like this design?

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5. Bedazzled

And if you can't reuse the entire Ikea bag why not just use it as an added touch to your clothing like it was used here with denim.

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6. Messenger Bag

This is such an adorable way to transform the typical look of the Ikea bag into a functional messenger bag for your little one. Super cute.

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7. Ikea Hoodie

And here's another interesting idea of adding some parts of the Ikea bag into the design of this hoodie. I like how they kept the iconic blue.

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8. Cute Hats

Keep the sun away in the summer with these handy and may I say really cute Ikea hats. These are definitely perfect for the kiddos.

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9. Ikea Mask

And if you're one of those people that is trying to avoid germs like the plague this Ikea mask might be right up your alley. Wow, interesting.

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10. Ikea Sneakers

Sneakers have come such a long way in terms of unique designs so adding some Ikea touches here is both fun and stylish. Don't you think?

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11. Baseball Cap

Here's another take on an IKEA inspired hat design. This time the old baseball cap gets an upgrade with this cool and funky idea. Digging it?

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12. Backpack

I'm absolutely loving this idea of making a backpack out of the Ikea tote bag. I would totally do this if I knew how. I totally want this.

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13. Party Dress

And get a load of this really pretty party dress that's the perfect example of creative use of the Ikea tote bag. This screams fun to me.

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These really creative designs are making me think of the IKEA tote bag quite differently.


I don't think I'll ever look at it in the same way again.

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