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A Couple Converted An Old School Bus Into A Cute Tiny Home On Wheels

Having a place to call your home is pretty much everyone's dream, right? But what if you also crave gorgeous scenery, ever-changing landscapes, and endless possibilities?

This one couple discovered an answer to their mutual travel wanderlust in converting an old school bus into the mobile home of their dreams. Check out their fascinating journey below.

It all started with an old school bus that this couple bought in Florida.

Then they gutted, reinvented, remodeled and converted it into a truly liveable and travel-ready space.

The hardest part of the remodel was gutting the floor and getting rid of the chair rails.

That must've been some project to undertake. I don't envy this part.

Then, of course, new flooring had to be installed as well as wood panels, new windows, all kinds of insulation and the works.

No wonder this took one and a half years.

One great way of making the mobile home energy efficient was installing solar panels which then would save so much energy and, of course, money as well.

How amazing!

Even though it's a mobile home, electricity was a must.

So this was another challenging part of getting the bus ready for not only living, but also traveling long distances.

This is looking like progress.

We can finally see what huge difference all the hard work has made in making this bus look more like an actual living dwelling.

This is such an amazing idea of maximizing the small space and incorporating the bedroom together with the laundry room.

I can't believe they actually have laundry facilities in here.

I dunno about anyone else, but I definitely need to have a private toilet to use.

Forget going in the woods or porta potties. This is a must!

And check out this amazing shower.

Who would have guessed that this is a shower that's inside a mobile home? Huh? This looks pretty functional and luxurious to me.

Now I'm a huge foodie and I love to cook, so having an actual working kitchen would have been another important feature and I see this one looks amazing.

I love this kitchen!

Who doesn't love this home decor?

If I didn't know better I definitely wouldn't have guessed this was a mobile home. And I see the cat is also loving it.

Speaking of their cat...

Instagram | @going_boundless

The little guy seems like he loves the tiny home just as much as we all do. Most cats hate car rides, but this one seems to be just fine with it!

It turns out to live in a tiny home you don't have to go petless.

Instagram | @going_boundless

The couple said that their pet hated the bus life at first, but got used to it after about a week. They keep his water in an oversized dish so it doesn't spill while they're driving — a purrfect solution.

Maximizing space is the key in such a small kitchen area.

So this handy slide out pantry definitely comes in handy. This is such a brilliant idea. Thumbs up!

Even though building such a mobile home must've been a daunting task with many obstacles I'm sure once it was all done, views like this make it totally worth it.

Imagine just living and driving in this?

I honestly absolutely dig this idea of a mobile home.

This is not only giving me some serious wanderlust envy but also making me consider something like this. What d'ya think?

If you're interested in tiny home living, you're in luck.


Amazon has started stocking tiny home kits due to the rise in popularity of miniature living conditions, like this one, which is the Timberline cabin kit from Allwood.

This is the floor plan of the Timberline.


I don't know about you, but that feels like more than enough space for me. The only downside is that I don't really see a bathroom...

You can also live in a tiny home made from a shipping container!


They may not look like much on the outside, but I bet the inside is just as cute as the school bus tiny home, and on the plus side — no mortgage!