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This California Town’s New Mayor For Life Is A Golden Retriever—No, Really

It can be difficult to emotionally invest yourself in politics when leaders seem more like reality TV stars.

When personal drama outshines legislation, it can feel as though your concerns as a citizen will never be heard. If everyone running for office seems superficial, you're less likely to want to vote for anyone at all.

We've tried electing people who are less involved in the political world, and I don't want to make any sweeping statements here, but's not...the most successful endeavor we've ever tried?

So where do we go from here?

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Contrary to the events of our last election, our country's leadership is normally decided through a process called democracy. You know, that thing where the popular vote means something.

I know, wild right?

If everyone was given equal opportunity to vote, and exercised their right to, we would end up with leaders that the majority of us actually want to lead.

But who can we actually trust?

I'd like to introduce you to Mayor Max ll

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Mayor Maximus Mighty-Dog Mueller II is a lovely golden retriever, and is also the official mayor of Idyllwild, California.

Mayor Max II was recently re-elected after first becoming mayor in 2014

He is the second dog to hold the position.

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The first being Mayor Max l, who was elected in 2012.

The whole process started when nonprofit organisation Idyllwild Animal Rescue Friends ran a sponsored election that allowed local residents to nominate their pets and pay for their votes through donations.

But Max's chief of staff and owner Phyllis Mueller really went for it.

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Though Max was up against thirteen other dogs and two cats, Phyllis and her husband campaigned relentlessly and donated $20,000 to the non profit in order to secure the leadership position for Max.

Max ll was elected at the tender age of 11 weeks old, but has since been elected for life.

The mayor's deputy sheriff security team is also made up of dogs.

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The team attends various events and institutions throughout the town including local hospitals, schools, and making house calls. The dogs ride around in a fleet of ‘mayor mobiles’ with custom license plates and logos.

"When people ask what party they would belong to, I always say they would be independent."

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"I thought it would be fun to have my dog be the mayor," explained Phyllis. "And it was for a good cause. He's gotten so much more attention than I ever thought."

Now this is a leader I can get behind.

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Though bribery isn't the most ethical way to get someone into office, I think I speak for everyone when I say that I trust that Mayor Max ll has, is, and will do a wonderful job.

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