12+ Barbecue Hacks That'll Make You Look Like A Pro

Diply 19 Jun 2018

With warmer weather comes all the fun activities, like coming out of hibernation to hang with friends outdoors. And naturally, the best activity to enjoy outside is eating barbecue with friends!

I, personally, love barbecue season, even if I'm not a pro at grilling various kinds of meat and veggies.

But luckily for you and I, creative grill masters have come up with some epic hacks to make barbecuing easy for everyone!

Here are a few ways you can make barbecuing meals a simple task and look like a true master while you're at it.

1. Do you use a wire brush to clean your BBQ? You should stop now! 

The Art Of Doing Stuff | The Art Of Doing Stuff

According to The Art Of Doing Stuff, the bristles from the wire brush can come off and get stuck in your food. This can be harmful! Make your own wood scraper that is safe and does the job.

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2. Keep your cooking outdoors by making your vegetables on the barbecue, too! 

First We Feast | First We Feast

First We Feast puts their vegetables in aluminum foil and cooks them over the grill to get that perfect, roasted flavor! Vegetables are important, too, friends.

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3. Smokers can be expensive AF, but you can just make one yourself. 

YouTube | Sous Vide Everything

If you follow the instructions from Sous Vide Everything, you can have yourself a unique smoker that'll do just the trick! Just grab some aluminum foil and an aluminum tin.

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Once you have your DIY creation made, you can barbecue away! 

YouTube | Sous Vide Everything

Smoked foods aren't cheap, so you'll save a ton (and impress your friends!) when you make them yourself. Sausages, chicken, fish — if you can eat it, you can smoke it! Here's what the finished DIY smoker looks like:

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4. Double up on skewers to keep all of your food safely on the kebab. 

Skinny Taste | Skinny Taste

This protip from First We Feast will help make sure that all of your precious food stays together! There is nothing worse than going to flip your kebab and having some of it fall off.

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5. Impress your friends by surprising them with some awesome barbecue flavor and color! 

YouTube | IrixGuy's Adventure Channel

If you spray pure apple juice onto your meat a couple of times while grilling, you will enhance your food's flavor, tenderness, and color! This will definitely make you the ultimate grill master. Thanks, IrixGuy's Adventure Channel!

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6. There is nothing worse that accidentally overcooking your meat and drying it out! 

YouTube | Howdini

Thankfully, if you have a habit of overcooking, this trick from Howdini can save you. All you have to do is put an ice cube on the middle of your patty while you barbecue. I wish I knew this earlier — no more dry meat!

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7. Or, if you don't mind sacrificing some calories for flavor, you can try adding a dollop of butter to keep your burger patties moist.

The Meatwave | The Meatwave

Garlic and herb butter, like the stuff made by A Bright And Beautiful Life, adds even more flavor!

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8. Easily serve all of your condiments in a muffin tray! Trust me, this is so easy for your barbecue guests. 

Family Handyman | Family Handyman

Using a muffin tray to hold your ketchup, lettuce, tomatoes, or anything else for your guests is an awesome hack from Family Handyman, and saves you from carrying armfuls of stuff outside.

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9. Having to roast and then peel red peppers can be a huge pain, so here is a hack to make barbecued red peppers easier to do! 

YouTube | Barbecue Tricks

This hack from Barbecue Tricks just uses a paper bag to peel off the skin of the pepper! Just cook your pepper on the grill until its blackened, put it in the bag, and rub it around.

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10. Did you ever think of using an onion to clean your barbecue? Daaang, you are in for a surprise! 

Flickr | @allison

Using an onion to clean your grill after will help scrape off the residue and it'll add some flavor for the next time you barbecue. First We Feast recommends using one half of the onion to scrape along the grates — it's as simple as that!

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11. If you are looking for a mighty good time, make some spiral dogs for you and your friends! 

YouTube | Chowhound

Learn how to make these delicious dogs from Chowhound. These are super fun for any backyard party this summer!

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12. For those fish lovers out there, try grilling your fish this way! 

Martha Stewart | Martha Stewart

We all love Martha Stewart, so trust her when she says that citrus helps fish not stick to the grill, while adding a good flavor! This is perfect for anyone who's looking to become the Martha Stewart of their friend group.

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13. Here's a lifehack: boil your meat before you start to barbecue it. 

Martha Stewart | Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart says that this will save so much grilling time, and make the meat nice and tender! Add some salt and garlic into your boiling water for extra flavor.

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14. There is another way to get a citrus flavor without barbecuing your food on top of lemons and limes! 

Barbecue Bible | Barbecue Bible

Barbecue Bible grills lemons and limes because it gives them extra flavor. Then they squeeze them over their meat after! Plus, it'll smell delicious.

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15. As an amateur griller, it's important to know that you need to grease your grill before using it! 

The Yummy Life | The Yummy Life

The Yummy Life says to dab a paper towel into a bowl of oil with tongs, and slide it along the grates of the grill. This will help you avoid food sticking while cooking!

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16. If you're grilling with charcoal instead of propane, this trick from sew many ways will help you get your party started as well as your fire.

sew many ways | sew many ways

Place a match light briquette in each cup of a cardboard egg carton for a handy fire starter — good for the grill or for a campfire afterwards.

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17. If your grill doesn't come with its own warming rack, use this tip from Serious Eats to make your own.

Serious Eats | Serious Eats

Set up three or four empty cans that are the same size, with the labels and both ends removed, and set a small grill on top. You just know someone at the BBQ will want their buns toasted!

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18. When you need evenly distributed heat, don't forget that you can use a cast iron skillet on the BBQ.

Imgur | baiin

As Martha Stewart reminds us once again, it's ideal for delicate dishes or anything you don't want falling through the grill.

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19. One thing your cast iron skillet can't do: grill marks.

Imgur | TheAmazingDancingBear

And isn't that part of the fun of grilling? According to Go Rare, to get that perfect grilling pattern, place your food on a hot grill with the ends at ten and four o'clock, then when the meat has seared, turn it to two and eight o'clock. Give it a couple of minutes to sear, then flip and repeat.

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20. Don't be afraid to experiment a bit. You can make all kinds of things on the grill — even pizza!

Imgur | WarpedSense

According to Eating Well, the trick is to have everything ready to go beforehand, because it will cook up quickly and you don't want it to burn.

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21. Raise your flavor game an extra notch by using a sprig of rosemary to baste whatever you're grilling. 

Butter and Baggage | Butter and Baggage

Or even a selection of herbs for some added kick. Jamie Oliver suggests tying a bunch to a wooden spoon with some twine.

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22. Get juicier chicken off the grill by placing a foil-wrapped brick on top.

The Meatwave | The Meatwave

I know, it sounds weird, right? But Men's Health says that the brick will flatten out the chicken so it all cooks more evenly.

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23. Finally, for dessert, create this delicious treat for your guests. 

Instagram | @datashock_band

Instagram user @datashock_band cut open a banana and stuffed it with delicious treats like marshmallows and chocolate. Afterward, just barbecue it! This dessert will have friends calling you a true grill master.

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