24 People Who Were Sorely Mistaken

Everyone makes mistakes, right? Hey, it's a good thing 'cause you can learn from them! Well, most of them, at least.

Sometimes you mess up and the only thing you can do is laugh. I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this, but those are the exact kinds of moments we're looking at in this list today. These people may have been sorely mistaken, but my sides are sore from laughin'!

1. This person better wasp out for technical errors in their puns.

Reddit | R_O_BTheRobot

This might not be the biggest mistake on the list, but wasps are 1,000% worse than any bee you'll come across. Don't be a wasp — wasps are pure jerks.

2. "An escalator can never break — it can only become stairs." —Mitch Hedberg

Reddit | neoprenewedgie

I mean, that quote would fit really nicely here, except they called it an elevator. I'm counting that as two mistakes since I agree with Mitch. You can just walk up those bad boys.

3. Not that I trust how genuine anyone is on Twitter these days, really, but this hurt my head a little. 

Reddit | black_flag_4ever

Maybe they're getting them mixed up with eggplants? Those are definitely vegan, but eggs are basically pre-birds. It's called nature.

4. Nothing like a black-and-white color chart to confuse things a little more.

Reddit | Khukha

I'm all for helping people out with being healthy and all, but how was this supposed to work? I'll admit, though, if your pee is dark gray, seek help!

5. Incense. They clearly want to talk about incense.

Reddit | [deleted]

I'm just hoping they didn't add this to their story and cause way more commotion around town than there ever needed to be.

6. Syntax matters, y'all — always keep that in mind.

Me.me | Me.me

Things could always be worse. Let's just say I'm glad they didn't have their "firsthand job experience with incense" in this story.

7. The rise and fall of the computer monitor.

The Chive | The Chive

Not as epic as the Roman empire, but a lot more relatable, at least. However, they both had towers collapse, so that's weird.

8. This guy should've learned what we all learned long ago.

Instagram | @will_ent

Girlfriends are the most notorious sweater thieves in the history of shirt-crime. I think they hoard them and then jump into the pile, like Scrooge McDuck does with money.

9. This one was done purposefully, I think, but it still boggled my goggles all the same. 

Twitter | @conorsmith

You're just not a professional working man if you're not rocking the wrist suit.

10. Every sign like this definitely has a story behind it.

Reddit | [deleted]

You don't have to be George R.R. Martin to weave this together, either. I wonder how much of the bottle they got through before they figured it out.

11. This mindblowing revelation changed the game.


I know some lighters are out there that aren't made like this one, but just having a mini lighter in your BBQ lighter? That's some weird Russian doll stuff right there.

12. This sounds like absolute poopycock!

Pleated-Jeans | Pleated-Jeans

Yep, one letter can really change the idea of a whole sentence, huh? Also, "poopy cakes" sounds like a grandma censoring her swears in front of the kids.

13. Sometimes a small mistake can save a lot of stress.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Like in this case — I'd buy my dad a hundred hats before explaining this. Dodge a bullet and just let him have this one.

14. That's not what it's intended for, but points for creativity.

Meme Center | Meme Center

And I mean, totally rocking that look. I've seen actual dresses that look more like they belong in an emergency kit than this.

15. I don't know who told you this, but no — we're not doing that.

Instagram | @boyswhocancook

Also, if you ever want to see a Canadian's head explode, just show them this picture.

16. Ayy, she thought she could get away with it, lol.

Instagram | Instagram

Really, it's not a bad plan — but people who know you well are gonna call you out. There's no way I could pull it off, either.

17. Pranks are good and all, but always remember to clean up afterward.

Instagram | Instagram

There's no need to let a prank linger into the real world like that! This poor Uber driver.

18. I guess assumptions really can land you in some trouble.

Instagram | @boywithnojob

They're really stuck on there, too. I guess I've also been tired enough to sleep through something like this — still, gross.

19. I'd really hate to be the "right number" for this person.

Instagram | @beigecardigan

I can't even imagine in what world someone needed to send this monster to someone. Time to throw the whole phone away, really.

20. Always great to diversify your learning materials...just make sure it works and, you know, makes sense.

Reddit | j0m1n1n

Because there's gonna be some really frustrated and confused student out there tapping on this page one day.

21. When you're literally lookin' like a snack.

Instagram | @will_ent

This dude is not alone in thinking this was just an ice cream sandwich. I thought that too, and now I realize I don't have one and I'm sad.

22. Lol, she wishes. 

Twitter | @itsjojosiwam

Not that I'm taking anything away from the Christmas Queen herself, but who can ever compare to Queen Bey? She's like a goddess from another dimension or something.

23. Clean up your own backyard before barging into someone else's, right?

Imgur | anlyin

I know the pain of losing your food can drive anyone a bit mad, but that's why I always check my butt first. One way or another, it's gonna end up near my butt.

24. And lastly, some people really are just tryna help out.

Twitter | @TeamSandy12

I guess this sad encounter ends up proving the lesson we already know by now — don't help anyone.

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