16 Ideas That Are Straight-Up From The Future

Diply 12 Jun 2018

Sometimes we live in such constant anticipation of the future that we don't stop to appreciate the fact that our present day seems pretty darn futuristic.

Since, by definition, we can never actually live in the future (because that would make it the present), feast your eyes on these futuristic sights from the current day.

1. The bathtub of the future.

Reddit | Obese_Hipster

Bathtubs haven't changed much in, oh, the past thousand years or so, but thanks to durable, lightweight carbon fiber and some elegant lines, this bathtub-hammock hybrid seems like the perfect spot to relax with a cup of tea and a good book.

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2. Tesla's tech is bulking up.

Reddit | lONEranger342

When I think of electric vehicles, I tend to think of small scooter-ish cars designed for one or two people, tops. But this prototype electric truck from Tesla shows that electricity can power some pretty beefy vehicles.

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3. Wait, is Elon Musk in the new Star Trek?

Reddit | FredTesla

Because it sure looks like it! This is actually a prototype spacesuit from SpaceX, the space exploration company founded by Musk. The sleek form makes NASA's old white spacesuits look like mattresses.

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4. Half car, half house, all future.

Reddit | TylerDurdenJunior

This solar-powered house/car hybrid is so forward thinking that it doesn't really resemble a car or a house. It's obviously just a prototype, but it seems like a decent representation of what Airstream trailers could look like in the future.

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5. An honest-to-goodness Hyperloop.

Reddit | Flattentheskyline

Elon Musk wants to make travel between LA and San Francisco take minutes, not hours. He plans to do that using a Futurama-style tube system. This is what the prototype looks like. Is there anything Elon Musk can't do?

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6. Some futuristic tech is down-to-earth.

Reddit | chellekacz

We've got electric cars and crazy VR, but why don't we have a toaster that actually shows you how toasted your bread is? Dream no more — the future is here.

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7. This just broke my brain.

Reddit | Myarvis

This cover of Time, which is pretty much perfectly aligned, was created using 958 lit-up drones flying in perfect formation over the night skies of California.

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8. For medium-sized freight.

Reddit | mahi_1977

It looks pretty weird, but this prototype electric bicycle is designed for delivering freight in big cities. Its slim profile and big trailer would make it perfect for narrow urban streets.

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9. Yes, this is a real-life holodeck.

Reddit | team0bliterate

Called DISH, for "digital immersive showroom," this Disney tech is basically a cross between a legit holodeck and VR. It's designed to show virtual mockups in an immersive way.

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10. This isn't a movie.

Reddit | EatPrayNub

It looks like something from I, Robot, but this is just how artificial limbs can look in 2018. We've come a long way in this field in a very short period of time.

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11. We've got electric cars. Here's an electric bike.

Reddit | KazCarpent

It's surprising we don't see more concepts like this one for a Honda electric motorbike. These vehicles don't use a ton of power, making them ideal candidates for electric transportation.

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12. Half man, half robot, all firefighter.

Reddit | Proteon

This concept for a firefighter's helmet shows some clever ideas, from full-head protection down to computerized diagnostic tools that would help firefighters "see" in smoky environments.

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13. I want one!

designboom | designboom

But I can't have one, because this kind of tech will be confined to the red planet. NASA's prototype for a manned Mars exploration vehicle is 28-feet long and features six semi-spherical wheels.

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14. Other bike couriers are in 2018, you're in 3018.

Reddit | fastgr

I'm not too sure what advantages this offers over a conventional bike — no chain for starters — but it's hard to deny how futuristic this bike looks.

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15. The future of credit cards.

Reddit | DrPlastiks

This is a picture of a prototype of Coin 2.0, a digital "credit card" that has the memory (and computer guts) to amalgamate all of the bulky cards in your wallet into one.

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16. The next frontier for phones.

Reddit | rakibulkst

Smartphones are awesome, but their form factor has been pretty much unchanged since the start. Multiple manufacturers are looking into more innovative ideas, like this Sony prototype.

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