Cardi B Just Snapped On A Twitter Troll Who Said Her Baby Was A Career Mistake

Diply 25 Jun 2018

Much like your average playground bully, internet trolls come up with antagonizing messages to get a rise out of people.

However, when their target is Cardi B, they may want to (as the song goes) be careful, because Cardi will shut a hater down real quick.

ICYMI: Cardi B is very, very pregnant. 

Instagram | @iamcardib

Obviously, we're all super excited for her baby to arrive.

If it's a girl, she'll probably pop out in head-to-toe Fashion Nova. If it's a boy, he'll probably come out in head-to-toe Gucci (thanks to Offset's influence).

Regardless of the gender, I'm certain the child's first word will be *CLOQUE*.

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Although, apparently not everyone is as excited about Cardi B's pregnancy.


In a now-deleted tweet, one Twitter user @ed Cardi,claiming that the rapper "would be going on tour right now, performing at the BET awards, getting this $$$. But instead Offset got her pregnant.”

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And Cardi, being the direct, confident woman that she is, decided to put the troll in their place.

Twitter | @iamcardib

"But instead imma have my biggest gift and biggest blessing," responded Cardi.

Like any human being capable of empathy, Cardi sees the value of a child over material wealth.

"I was feeling depressed a while ago even when I have everything I want in my hands," continued Cardi. "I look down my stomach and got happy and motivated again!"

By the sounds of it, Cardi's pregnancy has already given her a feeling of happiness, which money hasn't been able to.

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Of course, that doesn't mean Cardi isn't still getting that shhhhhmoney.

Music Fest TV | Music Fest TV

"I'm still getting this money," added Cardi. "If only you know these deals I signed."

Please, please, please, please, PLEASE let one of those deals be a song with Rihanna.

*Crosses fingers*

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And that's how you come down on a hater.

Rap Wave | Rap Wave

Do as Cardi does: Break apart their argument by simply laying out of the facts until their only course of action is to delete what they tweeted in the first place.

Bye hater, byeeeeeeeeeee!

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