15+ Reasons Why Leaving Your Bed In The Morning Leads To Nothing Good

Diply 13 Aug 2018

Whoever thought that being a productive member of society was a good thing was clearly off their rocker and out to get us all.

It just goes to show that the safest place to be is in your bed, and nowhere else. Otherwise, only bad things will happen. Don't say I didn't warn you.

1. When it's hot, all you want to do is take your kayak out for a spin, I get it.

Reddit | Serk245

But did anyone bother asking what the kayak wants?

No, I didn't think so.

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2. This guy was having a really rough week and all he wanted was a nice bowl of Chinese food to cheer him up.

Reddit | nocetto2

To be fair, I'm sure the band-aid heard about his week and was just trying to make things better.

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3. For whatever reason, the driver of this van thought they would slam on the breaks with 5 gallons of yellow paint in the back.

Reddit | bigballinsmashin

I won't even make them feel bad, I'm sure they've learned their lesson.

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4. This silhouette of a man surrounded by what we can assume is mud and rainwater hurts my soul.

Reddit | SmileyFace-_-

This never would have happened had he chosen to stay in bed. That's all I'm saying.

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5. I just want to take this opportunity to say that I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful day.

Reddit | heva35

Unless you work at the advent-calendar–making factory and didn't do your job right. I hope your day is mediocre.

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6. All this person wanted was to eat some apple slices.

Reddit | rmbrmeforcenturies

And instead, they were left with a pretty extravagant yet perishable weapon.

I mean, it could have been worse. I guess.

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7. I want to complain about the dummy who wrote this name tag.

Reddit | Reddit

But all I can focus on is that horrid fingernail. You should never trust people whose nails look like this.

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8. Obviously, this is the result of some poorly placed greeting cards.

Reddit | MazzukaMy

I'm willing to bet my next month's salary that the person who took this photo didn't put the card back where it belonged, either.

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9. "Camping is fun," they said. The longer you stare at this photo, the worse it gets.

Reddit | leducdeguise

No, that pink tent isn't just really small.

I repeat, this never would have happened if you just stayed in bed.

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10. The person who set the price to be $109.99 is the same person who moves Frozen cards to the "Loss of Child" section in Hallmark.

Reddit | ipodmaster929

This is why I don't wear shoes at all.

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11. There's some poor old man or woman out there who is very upset right now.

Reddit | TheShadowDemon247

...Does anyone else want to see what the bird would look like if he put the teeth in his beak properly?

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12. There's no winning with this one.

Reddit | dMobul

If you hate blueberries and stumbled across this in your muffin, that would be irritating.

If you love blueberries and expected a lot of them in your muffin, well, that would also be irritating.

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13. I think I would rather stand there and toss all the garbage back into the truck myself than have to call up the boss and explain what just happened.

Reddit | Hindu_Wardrobe
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14. Okay, this guy had one job.

Reddit | alechko

Are there any scientists of solar panel nerds around who can assure me that these bad boys aren't just going to waste?

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15. This guy also had one job.

Reddit | FinestShang

And that was to not drive over the can of oil while operating the forklift.

But also, what was the can of oil doing in the middle of the floor? I blame that person the most.

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16. This person left a brand new box of crayons in their car on a hot day.

Reddit | DizRN

I mean, what did they think would happen?

At least they're left with some pretty cool modern art.

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