14+ Inventions That Make The Future Look Good

Diply 14 Aug 2018

In the past 10,000 years or so, the progress we've made in terms of technology is pretty staggering.

If that's too long of a time frame for you, consider the last hundred years or so — we've gone from communicating over long distances with beeps and dashes to having seamless, real-time 60 frame-per-second video conversations with anyone around the world.

And the tech is only getting cooler from here on out.

1. This chainless bicycle prototype from CeramicSpeed.

CeramicSpeed | CeramicSpeed

No more having to worry about getting your phone or random debris caught in the chain, causing you to pitch forward over the handlebars.

That story may or not come from personal experience, just FYI.

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2. This passenger drone car, which, with any luck, will be commercially available in the next few decades. 

Reddit | Yuli-Ban

With some more luck, we'll get actual hover cars not long after... Some people might say it's just a helicopter, and they're...probably right, now that I think about it.

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3. The Yamaha Motoroid — a motorcycle that uses AI to identify its owner and "interact like a living creature."

Yamaha | Yamaha

Whether that means you can call it "Fido" and it'll drive itself to you or not has yet to be revealed, but you can hope that's the case.

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4. This egg-shaped mobile home for two because apparently, even trailer parks aren't immune to gentrification.


It would be cool for someone who wants to go off the grid, but maybe don't park your round egg-house so close to a cliff.

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5. This fully electric plane from NASA can climb vertically like a helicopter and horizontally like a plane. This would be great for hospitals!


It's aptly named "Greased Lightning," but does not come with a complimentary John Travolta.

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6. Vertical farms are all the futuristic rage because they take up less (horizontal) space than traditional farms.

Wikimedia Commons | Bright Agrotech

They can also grow crops without needing soil, water, or even sunlight in some cases.

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7. Vaccines that one day may come in pill form, thanks to a study by scientists at Cardiff University.

Pixabay | Pixabay

They've so far only tested on mice, but pill-form influenza A vaccines have shown some effectiveness.

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8. This kind of looks like a shot from Star Wars, Star Trek, or Firefly, but "pod hotels" are slowly cropping up across Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Wikimedia Commons | Peter Woodman

It'd be kind of cool to try at least once, as long as you aren't claustrophobic.

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9. For people with limited mobility in their limbs, exoskeletons are the future for getting them back on track.

Twitter | @XoSoft_eu

If you need a pop culture reference, check out Rhodey in Avengers: Infinity War.

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10. "Bioprinters" are just like 3D printers, except they can create simulated human tissue.

Allevi | Allevi

Imagine needing a new kidney, but instead of waiting weeks or months for a matching donor, your doctor can print a new one out in a matter of hours!

This could literally save millions of lives.

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11. This technology developed by the University of Alberta allows doctors to project X-Rays onto a patient's body.


That way, you can actually see how bad an idea it was to jump down a flight of stairs onto a table.

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12. This smartwatch turns your arm/hand into a touch screen by projecting stuff onto it.


It's just a patent right now (by Samsung), but I personally can't wait to spend $1000 on projection tech that'll work about half the time.

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13. On the other side of exoskeleton applications, the workplace is already reaping the benefits.

Reddit | turbodude69

Workers can lift more with less strain, and I wouldn't be surprised if, eventually, they add more limbs!

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14. Lab-grown meat becoming a reality before the decade is over is a possibility, assuming people show interest.

Wikimedia Commons | National Cancer Institute

Personally, as long as it tastes the same, provides protein and B-vitamins, and costs around the same (or even better, less) as the real thing, I'd be all for it.

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15. It might look like a weird headband, but this is actually a prototype for a bionic eye!


Geordi La Forge (Star Trek) would go nuts if he knew about this. Being a robo-cyclops would be pretty awesome.

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16. Cybernetic prostheses are getting better all the time, and this new model features an "eye" that lets the hand read an object and decide how to best grab it.

Newcastle University | Newcastle University

Given my hand-eye coordination, I could probably use an extra eyeball or two.

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