12+ People Who Definitely Didn't Get It On The First Try

Diply 9 Aug 2018

When we're not doing something live, the chances of us nailing it in one take are pretty slim. One of our friends will make us laugh or we'll flub what we're supposed to be saying, and that's totally cool.

If it wasn't, we wouldn't treat it as such a big deal when people do get things right on the first try.

So let's just look at the people on this list like stars of one big, cosmic blooper reel. Just keep on trying, folks. You'll get it...probably.

1. If nothing else, this guy definitely won't need any more reminders not to do what he just did again.

Reddit | GGh0sT4

Finding the right way by trying all the wrong ways first may not be the best method, but that's how it goes sometimes.

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2. I'll give the sculptor a little credit because I can recognize this, but I'm a little suspicious that they just used a leftover face.

Reddit | mingming94

And somebody was obviously so outraged by this depiction of their icon that they ripped poor Donkey's ears off.

Seems a little extreme.

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3. Is this just what happens when the counter guy and the plumber have a fight or something?

Reddit | hizperion

There's no line on the floor, so I'm assuming they didn't do the whole, "You stay on your side of the room and I'll stay on my side," thing.

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4. We can't really call this a blooper if it's a test to see whether a love of pizza or a rejection of passé trends wins out.

Reddit | -citroenbrand-

Although I still think they made the mistake of assuming someone wouldn't just eat the center and wreck their experiment.

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5. Well, at least this person accomplished half of their mission. They did take a selfie and they are underwater.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

But I'm also assuming that the other half was more about taking a cool profile picture than just making us nervously laugh.

It's like modern art or something.

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6. I'm not sure why these people have to die like anything in this scenario.

Reddit | kutmarokkanen

I'd at least kinda get it if they were so cartoonishly misguided about what a "real man" is that they thought they could just take crashing into a tree like it's nothing.

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7. Unless this is the work of some evil genius who tried to invent an embarrassment machine, I think there might be a design flaw here.

Reddit | cole_ache

I guess it would be kinda fun to limbo until you drink the water, but I doubt that was the plan.

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8. Don't ask me what this man was trying to do, but everything about this picture can clearly tell us it wasn't successful.

Reddit | JBeach2017

It's kind of hard to read his facial expression, but I think his most likely mood here is, "Not surprised, but disappointed."

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9. I can definitely see how they arrived at that name, but it looks like it's not gonna catch on.

Instagram | @will_ent

I have to know, are they just trying to make "flat cakes" happen or is the name Pizza Hut genuinely confusing to them?

"They make flat cakes, right?"

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10. OK, those are definitely actual tongs so I'm not sure how the chef plated this without realizing what they did.

Reddit | rarity0788

That is, unless this was a petty way of quitting or they were trying to make the head chef's head explode or something.

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11. We may never know the story behind this, but the vibes I'm getting from it are more on the "oops" side than the "surprise attack" side.

Reddit | Reddit

But I definitely should give this warrior credit if it was a surprise attack, because ain't nobody expecting this.

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12. Yeah, I bet somebody is really regretting not taking another look at the plans right about now.

Reddit | Ottomatik80

Remember, kids, always check your work over. Otherwise, you end up actually building that pointless wall your friend drew in as a prank.

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13. Far be it from me to argue with strange messages in random places, but I think you'll find that birds actually are real.

Reddit | yungtotorito

After all, if they were an illusion all along, then what keeps swooping in to steal bites of our ice cream cones?

Checkmate, non-birders.

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14. Somehow, I think this lady is gonna look elsewhere if she gets another portrait done.

Twitter | @scixpmas

I was gonna say what part of her this really brings out, but I'm seriously drawing a blank. Her nose ring, I guess? She does have one, so that checks out.

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15. Well, I suppose this person can take solace in the fact that there was nothing seriously wrong with how they cooked the spaghetti. 

Twitter | @scixpmas

After all, we have very clear photo evidence of two satisfied customers. Their serving technique could use a little practice, though.

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16. I realize it can be tough to find a spotter, but I don't recall any workout plan that involved doing crunches with chickens on your chest.

Reddit | Jamal_From_India

Even if they weigh the same as regulation weights, that workout will run into problems when they keep wandering off.

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