People Are Calling Kim Kardashian 'Toxic' After Her New Video, And They're Pissed Right Off

Diply 30 Jul 2018

It just wouldn't feel like reality if people weren't pissed off at the Kardashians, you know?

It'd be extremely eerie if for a period of time (like, even 48 hours) the Kardashians weren't engaging in something problematic, and the internet wasn't upset. Anyway, that's for another dimension.

In this dimension lives Kim Kardashian, grabber of attention, maker of money, and all-around famous human. 

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I'd be hard-pressed to go through a news day without discussing this seasoned contourer.

(I'm aware that "contourer" is horrible English, but I like tongue twisters).

And yes, this is real news, because y'all make it real news by giving Kim K's actions so much online attention. So, don't start with me.

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So, what's everyone pissed about today? 

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A lot of people are upset by Kim Kardashian's latest Instagram story, and rightly so.

The video begins with Kim asking Kendall to repeat something she had just said off-camera.

"No like I'm really concerned, I don't think you're eating," repeats Kendall. "Like you look so skinny," she adds with a smile.

"Whaaaaaaat? Oh my God, thank you!" responds Kim.

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At this point, I'm getting flashbacks of high school pool class with the popular girls, and I don't mean that as a good thing.

Instagram | @kimkardashian

Anyway, Kim then turns her attention to Khloé, who she asks to "continue" about something she had also said off-camera.

"I said I've never seen a human being look as good," repeated Khloé. "It's like, what, FaceTune? You are a walking FaceTune."

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The "let's tell Kim she's skinny" fest didn't end there.

Instagram | @kimkardashian

"Listen to me, my purse is as tiny as you," added Kendall, holding up her impossibly small (and probs exorbitantly priced) handbag.

"OH MY GOD, THE COMPLIMENTS," Kim is heard yelling in response.

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Are you annoyed yet? If not, this part should seal the deal.

Instagram | @kimkardashian

A bit later in Kim's Insta story, Khloé and their friend Malika are seen discussing Kim's eating habits.

"Celery, maybe some lettuce," says Khloé. Malika adds, "different flavors of oxygen."

"You guys I'm not that skinny! I'm down to 119 pounds," replies Kim.

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Basically, it was one long Instagram story of Kim fishing — no, netting for compliments about how skinny she appears.

Twitter | @twinveganspdxTwitter

And to many people, Kim's video sent a potentially damaging message to young women.

"Kim Kardashian’s story about being skinny is so wrong," tweeted one person. "Looks like you haven’t been eating?? That’s not something to promote on your social media, you shouldn’t be influencing people not too eat so that they can 'look good'????"

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It's one thing to bask in your personal success after weeks of exercising and eating healthy. 

E! Online | E! Online

But accepting compliments about a diet of "oxygen" doesn't exactly set a great example for Kim's 114 million followers, many of whom look up to her as a role model for beauty.

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Of course, Kim has been called out for promoting unhealthy weight loss activities before.

Instagram | @kimkardashian

Earlier this year, Kim received backlash after she posted an Instagram ad for appetite-suppressing lollipops.

In fact, the responses were so negative, Kim actually wound up deleting the photo's ad caption.

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At the end of the day, Kim has a massive following, and with that comes some responsibility about the messages she sends.


At least, it should come with some responsibility — there are no actual rules about how Kim presents herself to others on social media.But, you know, it'd just be nice if she thought about it now and then.

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