11+ Times Shortcuts Went Absolutely Nowhere

I will be the first to admit that I'm no Bob Vila. Heck, I'm not even Tim "The Toolman" Taylor. As a homeowner, I have done some strange things to get broken stuff working again. But not on the level of the folks below.

I'm well aware that, sadly, zip ties and happy thoughts won't hold things together forever. Shortcuts might seem like a good idea, but they're not a real substitution. All the same, it's fascinating to see what shortcuts some people will be tempted to take!

1. Best case scenario, someone's just storing up some bricks to fix that hole in the wall later.

Reddit | acisboss

But that doesn't look like nearly enough bricks — and I'm pretty sure there are better ways to store them.

2. If I lived on this street, I'd be sweating whenever I drove past this telephone pole.

Reddit | errer

An awful lot of faith has been put in that 4x4 post, even for a temporary fix.

3. When your office bathroom doesn't have a mirror on the wall, sometimes you have to improvise.

Reddit | GrandTusam

Surely they could do better than a CD? I mean, sure, I doubt anybody was using it, but come on.

4. When it comes to moving water around a corner, nothing else is an elbow fitting.

Reddit | mike_pants

They're like $1 at the hardware store, which is a small price to pay for not backing up a pipe.

5. Duct tape is a wonderful thing, but it ain't magic. 

Reddit | george_s_4

I guess this car is being held together successfully, at least at present. Probably want to get that looked at sooner rather than later, though.

6. If you're trying to save money on road construction by not removing trees, well, it's going to work in the short term.

Reddit | caramelboogers

But I foresee some problems in the long run.

7. The worst part of filling a pothole with a bag of Quikrete is that it's not even what you'd fill it with.

Reddit | TheCreatorLoveYou

You'd want asphalt, not concrete. Talk about lazy!

8. Good news, guys, if you have a hole in your tile, you don't need to hire anyone to give it a fancy patch job.

Reddit | CapnPike

Just get your pre-schooler some construction paper and clear tape. Good as new!

9. Folks, if you're going to DIY your own outlet adapter — well, maybe just don't.

Reddit | tbonetaylor

I'm assuming that key made it into the slot without involving a trip to the ER, but I'm not so sure about getting it out again.

10. Of all the places to stash empty boxes, in front of the fire exit isn't doing anybody any favors.

Reddit | boobthefrog

I don't know, maybe take 10 minutes to break them down and put them in the recycling bin? Crazy idea, right?

11. You see vents in ceilings all the time, but seldom do you have to worry about the condition of the tape holding it up there.

Reddit | BriBlackflower

If it's just a temporary fix, well, it's definitely temporary.

12. I will admit, there's no way zip ties and pool noodles aren't less expensive than proper handle bar grips.

Reddit | Darth_Schrader

I suppose if nothing else, these bad boys help you stay visible on the roads.

13. Kudos to the line painters on this splendid parking lot job.

Reddit | lannes

It would have taken up to and including one minute to clear away that brush before painting on a line that will actually stay there.

14. Well, one electrician won't be getting any repeat business for their outlet installation.

Twitter | @LeightonJantz

Points for cleverness, I guess, but I really don't think those are up to code. I'm no expert, though.

15. You know tech support was on the scene when they replaced a toilet handle with an ethernet cable.

Reddit | persae

Mind you, it looks like it technically works, and that's really what you want from a toilet.

16. I, um, I don't think that's how any of this works.

Reddit | garuffer

I mean, props for creativity, but this barely qualifies for an attempt at a fix, let alone an actual fix.

17. As far as headlight repairs go, I'm not sure I've seen a lazier attempt than taping a freezer bag over it.

Reddit | Tiredandinsatiable

It's the kind of thing a person does just to say they did something, when they really didn't.

18. Thoughts and prayers for this electrical work. 

Reddit | BlankZeroe

And for the electrician who will have to figure out what happened and then clean up this mess. Good luck with that!

19. You have to feel for the lady who left her heels behind in front of the big departures board at the airport.

Reddit | glutenfreescotch

We've all made that mad dash for a connecting flight before, but have we sacrificed footwear to make it?

20. Yeah, you can totally save a few minutes by not tying your boat down to your trailer.

Reddit | LilGhettoSmurf

But it'll cost you if you have to stop suddenly. So, it might be worth the time.

21. I wonder why more people don't try to fix cracks in their windshields with clear packing tape?

Reddit | tattooed-me

I mean, it's clear, right? You can see through it. Why pay for some fancy shop to repair it?

22. There are dire consequences for shoving garlic bread into the oven without checking to see if anything might already be in there.

Reddit | TacoLake

RIP oven. And cutting board. And bread. Sigh.

23. Here's hoping that the sheets of aluminum covering this van's former side doors are just placeholders.

Reddit | aceguy45

Even though it looks like they got hit again, at least they'll do more than a taped-on freezer bag would.

24. Ah, Facebook Marketplace, where marketing meets fraud!

Reddit | Jive_Bob

"Needs parts" is clever, but come on. They'd have an easier time selling it as Wonder Woman's truck. Best offer: delete that nonsense and forget Marketplace even exists.