24 Pics That Raise More Questions Than They Answer

The internet is supposed to have all the answers by now, right? That's why we go on there: to google nonsense and post pics of our fancy dinners. What else is there?

Well, sometimes we have more questions than the internet can explain. And sometimes, all you can do is put your questions out there and hope the world brings some sense to the situation.

1. Apparently, when this frozen burrito got vacuum-sealed, the suction raised a waffle pattern in the tortilla.

Reddit | procknor

Why? How? Can I get that on purpose just to try it? Can I get a burrito on a proper waffle?

2. Why won't more cars pull into this gas pump's lane?

Reddit | ohnoshebettahdont

Yeah, this car doesn't have the gas tank on the passenger side, but they're making it work. Don't you think more folks should try the same to shorten their wait?

3. After their roommate left, somebody found this onion in the crisper drawer of a shared fridge.

Reddit | Ronnie8513

How on earth did they not notice it sooner? Why would anyone not pitch this poor thing long ago?

4. I get that businesses are always trying to one-up each other, but this one wants to break some natural laws to get an edge.

Reddit | Donut-yeet

Maybe it's just fun marketing? Maybe it's not 27 consecutive hours?

5. Well, if nothing else, you have to admire the optimism behind a suggested gratuity of 84.2%.

Reddit | CommandLionInterface

Do they really think anybody will pony up for that kind of tip? Has it ever worked?

6. It's not every day that you crack open an egg to find another eggshell underneath.

Reddit | sarah_spain

Is this any harder on the hen laying the egg? How do eggs come out with two shells?

7. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against any store selling loose Legos by the ounce, let alone a book store.

Reddit | annebd

I just want to know why they do this and when I can visit.

8. This hotel room has three of the same pieces of artwork on the wall.

Reddit | 3x1x4

Was there a sale on this artwork? Maybe a bulk discount? Why not spread them across three different rooms, or does this hotel just have that many copies of this print?

9. Would you be alarmed if you saw fog rolling up the aisle on your flight?

Reddit | ausernameforants

Apparently it's been known to happen in humid climates, where dense air collides with the plane's air conditioning, but wouldn't you still freak out a bit?

10. Somebody decided to take a walk when this sidewalk was still fresh, so the city opted to cover up the footprints with awkward patches.

Reddit | TheWorldIsDying

Doesn't this just make the footprints more obvious?

11. When lightning strikes sand, it creates a weird, glassy substance called fulgurite. 

Reddit | elee0228

But how does it manage to stick up out of the ground like that? Shouldn't it be more ground-level?

12. Oh wow, Colonel Sanders. This family entered a contest and won themselves a fully branded KFC faraday cage.

Reddit | KFCpodwinner

Which begs the question: Why did KFC make a faraday cage and then give it away? And what is this family going to do with one?

13. Somehow, beyond all reason, somebody managed to get their handprints on the underside of a bridge.

Reddit | Guesswh9

That's about 30 feet up. Did somebody bring a ladder out for that? For what possible reason?

14. This subway station in Moscow has a few amazing features.

Reddit | thealegator

How is it so starkly divided between the platform and the tunnel? Where are all the ads? Where are the people?

15. This bag of Doritos came with absolutely no flavor on the chips.

Reddit | scube_steve485

What kind of a nightmare would this be? How does Frito-Lay allow such a travesty to even happen?

16. Does this area actually have a need for two Party City stores right next to each other?

Reddit | snack_champion2316

Is this area so desperate for party planning supplies? The emptiness of the parking lot suggests otherwise. More likely one is moving into the other, but can we be certain of that?

17. This chair, sitting perfectly in a sunbeam, just appeared in someone's driveway one morning.

Reddit | ScotchBingeington

Creepy. And, as we've asked so many times today, why? Who needed to sit in a stranger's driveway in the middle of the night?

18. How does the water modify this spider's shadow so much that it ends up looking so comical?

Reddit | lnk7332

That shadow barely resembles the spider casting it. How is that even possible?

19. Why would you go out of your way to make these tile and carpet patterns match so well?

Reddit | GamertagSJ

I mean, that's dedication to a theme, for sure. But it seems like an awful lot of effort.

20. Was it absolutely necessary for the manhole cover to go in the middle of a step?

Reddit | lonniejamesleo

Couldn't they just move the access a few feet in one direction to avoid this?

21. Are these brightly painted apartment buildings an attempt to make an otherwise gray city nicer to live in?

Reddit | unclenorton

And is it working? Because that's a pretty bleak looking place, overall.

22. How can two very different flowers grow from the same stem?

Reddit | HenChef

Are they maybe just at different stages of growth, or is this some botanical mystery? What is even going on here?

23. Another plant-based mystery: How does this apple tree have so much fruit on it with so few leaves?

Reddit | OneSalientOversight

That is a bumper crop, but where are the leaves? Could they just fall off while the apples remain?

24. Did somebody plant their watch in wet pavement on purpose?

Reddit | Alphamazin

Because the face is so perfectly visible, it makes you think so. Otherwise, did it just land face up and the owner never noticed?