12+ Things That Happened And We Gots The Pics

Diply 29 Jun 2018

Bless all of us for always carrying phones. Because having phones means having cameras, and having cameras means that we are able to capture the most ridic things that we see and spread them everywhere.

And I'm so into that.

1. This person found wee little lizard eggs, and it's straight out of a Jurassic Park dream for me 

Reddit | SNOWCHI3F

Naturally, I would have kept them and raised them on my own because that's what dreams are made of.

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2. Never have I ever seen glasses so thick, and I am so glad I ate carrots all those years

Reddit | themissnguyen

Jk, pretty sure carrots and eyes aren't related. This person wanted everyone to guess their prescription but I have nothing.

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3. Usually, I'm looking for a vintage wine, but this old-school beer is pretty darn cool

Reddit | IntelligentlyIdiotic

My only question is what TYPE of beer? That's like seeing a can with JUICE on it and nothing else.

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Reddit | hipstertuna22

I've been to this one, too. It's always accurate (way better than the Apple weather app) and so much cheaper than anything else. 100% recommend.

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5. Tbh, if I was rich, I would so have this in my washroom

Reddit | benzene271

There's just something extra fancy about having a mirror that never fogs, you know?

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6. Did you know that a toothbrush battery could overheat and make your toothbrush look knocked up?

Reddit | CoypuZydeco

I did not. But here we are. And now we all know where baby toothbrushes come from.

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7. Okay, protecting new little trees is so adorable AND THEY MADE THEM LOOK LIKE CARROTS

Reddit | asorba

I don't know where this is, but I want to move there.

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8. Dropping these and having them land so perfectly that they balance right out

Reddit | naturallymoist

Now that's better than being on a horse, if you ask me, anyway.

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9. A perfectly round chunk of grass which makes little to no sense, but there it is anyway

Reddit | mary-astark

On a rock, too??? Mother Nature is magical.

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10. I can picture me walking right into this lake because it doesn't look like a lake at all

Reddit | FlavorFreeCookie

It looks like a beautiful, luscious, green field.

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11. This guy wants to both blend in AND stand out really, really badly

Reddit | mailonsundayx

Which is confusing. Like, invisible on the top and a full-on party on the bottom. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

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12. Sure, you have to buy more glue, but you basically made a piece of art, so who's the real winner here?

Reddit | sayfee

This has never happened to me and my glue, and I'm a little jelly.

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13. A coin makes its way to the scene it has on it

Reddit | smt503

Idk, I just think this is cool. Too bad Canada has a bunch of coins with animals I'll never see...like polar bears.

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14. This isn't a sunburn gone horribly wrong, although that wouldn't surprise me

Reddit | airboy1999

This leg just happens to be biracial, like the rest of this human, of course.

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15. The cutest little toad that ever did live and will make your heart burst

Reddit | jimbo_slice3

JUST LOOK AT THE LITTLE FELLA! I'd want to hug it if I wouldn't squish it.

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16. So if this is your house, do you yell "FORE!" when gardening?

Reddit | Jakkindabox18

I guess that's one way to go if you don't want to deal with buying mulch every season.

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17. A bird that made a self-portrait in the most crappy way possible

Reddit | kintamaislove

But hey, who are we to judge? ART IS ART. Even if it's not everyone's fave.

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18. And then there are these guys out here basically having a flash mob of awesome

Reddit | Desmous

I don't think humans could recreate this if we tried. They have a leg up on us.

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19. Are your Spidey senses tingling or what?

Reddit | generatedmax

I usually stay far, far away from spiders, but heck, I would want to meet the fella behind this piece of art.

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20. While car accidents are never a good thing, that statue swerving in another direction is, in a way, picture-perfect

Reddit | keepcalmandcoinon

At least one driver had things under control.

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21. Finding your car twin is exciting and all, but usually it's more of a fraternal twin, not identical

Reddit | themflatearthers


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22. I have the urge to call this a picture of a waterfall, and I'm only just a little bit sorry about that

Reddit | Punkrocksteady

Or a water dam. Or something.

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23. I've never even hit a fly with a swatter, let alone just get its head

Reddit | beardz1lla

That little bzzz buddy deserves a second chance, if you ask me.

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24. I've heard of sky wizards, but I had no idea that they had little fuzzy, magical assistants up there

Reddit | jhvk

They're adorable and oh-so-fluffy. Look at their little cloud paws!

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