13+ People Who Won Before The Game Even Started

Diply 29 Jun 2018

Some people enjoy raising the bar before anybody else even knows they're competing.

But as much as people may resent when they show up to the costume party in a dragon outfit with fire-breathing action, there's something kind of liberating about them.

After all, when there's already such an obvious winner, everybody else can just stop worrying about who's better at what and just have fun.

So that's why we're celebrating these people for changing the game and winning it.

1. How do you make a birthday cake for someone who gave up carbs and sugar? Well, somebody found a way.

Reddit | lazeedavy

Even though there's nothing I enjoy more than a nice, chocolatey cake, I definitely wouldn't be mad if somebody copied this idea.

I ain't sharing it, though.

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2. I can definitely see why dude would need a little buddy if he needs to spend so long in deep, meditative prayer.

Reddit | pineapple-1001

But really, the real hero here is the cat for not wandering away after a few minutes of this.

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3. Ah, yes. Nothing makes such a beautiful day special like gravelly voiced sermons about love and holy unions.

Reddit | Fanchus

I'm not being sarcastic, either. That must be an absolute nightmare on the throat, so only the realest ministers would put themselves through that.

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4. You might be wondering what's so glorious and victorious about this, but let's just take a closer look at the scene here.

Reddit | kate_yefim

Not only has this fridge not fallen over, but nothing inside of it has either. Try it for yourself and see how hard that is.

Better yet, don't.

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5. If they turned this into something other than a mouse sitting on Caillou's head, I'm tempted to just bring in random scribbles.

Instagram | @tampons

I'm sure the result will be a masterpiece that brings tears to my eyes with personal significance the artist couldn't possibly know.

Basically, they're a wizard.

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6. Before you tell them to kiss those shoes goodbye, you should know that there's method to their madness.

Reddit | VickNet

It's subtle, but these shoes have some grating under them. Anyone who wears these knows it's impossible to pull those back out of there once they get stuck.

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7. Getting married on top of a trampoline is a beautiful idea, but I also applaud their restraint in not jumping on it already.

Reddit | PrisonMike2017

After all, getting the officiant to agree to it without the threat of being kicked in the face was probably hard enough.

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8. Thinking about it, is it even possible to lose when you're the one who invented the game?

Instagram | @will_ent

Anyone who plays basketball now could destroy the guy who invented it, but they wouldn't even have the opportunity if it weren't for him.

Scuba pong works the same way.

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9. That is the happiest I've ever seen a seal act about anything, so whoever runs this place must be doing something right.

Reddit | Merk121

And we know there can't be a truckload of fish off-camera because they'd never be able to finish taking the picture.

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10. I'll admit I can't hear what this sounds like, but playing a guitar through the mouth of a suit sounds...challenging, to say the least. 

Reddit | danjoor

Unless that rosy cheek is way more transparent than it looks, dude must be able to play "Wonderwall" in his sleep.

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11. If I had the military-trained body that would make carrying this around a breeze, this would probably be how I'd leave the house too.

Reddit | remove_kebab13

Right now, the thought of choosing between serious back pain and no place to sit will keep me up tonight.

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12. Now, the fact that he was willing to do this makes a dream come true on its own, but it's easy to overlook the most important part of this picture.

Instagram | @streetcatto

That's the smile of a man who does this without judgment. Bless him.

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13. I think this has got to be the first thing people should do with a rear-view camera, right? 

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

If a friend or family member has one of these and you're not drumming up prank plans immediately, you're doing it wrong.

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14. This is definitely something a cop dad would do. He knows that he got her shook, too — look at that face!

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

That kind of power can be dangerous in the hands of a dad.

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15. Well, it is nice to see some honesty in advertising, for once.

Reddit | Rahul_Bansal

And the good news is that even if you still come out ugly, you can relax with a nice massage and forget about the haters.

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16. With all this technology around us, of course you can make your own friends out there!

Imgur | ingchic

Plus, you're less likely to get annoyed by Karren from accounting with her endless stories about her cats.

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17. Pizza is a reason to cry happy tears already, but this take on it is too beautiful.

Instagram | @kalesalad

And you gotta have respect for some pizza place workers putting that kind of effort in!

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18. This wall looks way better than it has any right to, really.

Reddit | db___

If you're gonna do graffiti, though, you gotta make it artistic. And really, what better medium than memes for that, right?

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19. If this is a first date, I think you've got a keeper on your hands. 

Imgur | AnonymousfromAus

I can understand the look of utter confusion on his face, but the bravery alone is worth cheers-ing this guy!

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20. I like that she just sort of had the "say no more" attitude about this job.

Me.me | Me.me

But who is anyone to stand in the way of inspiration like that?! Very nice!

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21. Part of me is jealous of this guy, but I'm also very grateful that nobody has ever given me this opportunity.

Reddit | Piscator_Gabe

The prospect of skydiving is one big NOPE for me, but the thought of using this giant duck might actually tempt me to try it.

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22. Normally I roll my eyes at people who won't just let the kids win, but it feels wrong to do that when somebody goes for it this hard.

Reddit | dropkickderby

So I won't get into how they'll probably regret it when they've been up there for an hour.

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23. I'm not usually a pool party guy, but I'm not sure I'd ever get tired of watching these wonderful creatures frolic majestically.

Twitter | @scixpmas

If this was what went down in Jurassic Park, I'd be with the dangerously underprepared owners all the way.

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24. Between the trunk with maximum cuddle space, the McDonald's, and the venue, this date will not be easy to top.

Twitter | @kissmycassieee

In fact, this dude nailed it so hard that I'm not even gonna get at him for stunting on us with the Gucci flip-flops.

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